Club Decode Meet The Ninth Wave 

We caught up with The Ninth Wave ahead of their set at La Belle Angèle as part of the Wide Days Artist Showcases this year! Give it a read below as we talk recording, Electric Fields and first gigs… 

Hi Guys! 

So how did you guys form and what made you want to pursue a career in music? 

Elina: I just didn’t want to do anything else, I wasn’t interested in anything else really. 

Haydn: I don’t know we got together roughly a year ago and we just started making tracks. 

Elina: We just generally liked playing shows and doing all of this! 

Ronan: This is so vague…


Elina: We just don’t have some like deep back story 

Lewis: I just think it’s something that you get into 

Ronan: You don’t actually go I want to do music 

Elina: Well I did! 

Lewis: I’ve never done anything else, I’ve been doing this for about ten years now 

Elina: I kinda came here specifically to do music 

So you recently released the vinyl for your already released singles Human Touch/ Nothing Is Certain, how are you feeling about the reception it received at the launch night? 

Haydn: It was good yeah! It was quite busy 

Elina: I’ve not actually heard that many people actually give feedback about the vinyl itself.

Lewis: I think cause it took so long to get here, like I joined before that was even ordered and now there’s a whole new other thing… 

Haydn: I think because people had already heard it so much, it’s kind of done its cycle now. I think it’s just a nice wee physical thing. 

Elina: I think like the actual songs themselves when they came out, especially the videos, they got a really good response. We did the videos ourselves and when they went up they got shared around a lot 

In your opinion what is the Glasgow Music Scene like?

Haydn: The best 

Elina: It can be really good because I think it can be really welcoming in a way but in another way it can also be really small because we don’t realise how small Glasgow is compared to the rest of the world. 

Lewis: It can be quite cliquey because there’s groups, there’s like the Dead Beet group and then the Fuzzkill group and no one kinda mingles between those groups. 

Ronan: You can actually end up just having tonnes of your friends who are also in bands coming to your shows, it ends up where like 60% of the crowd is just your friends from bands 

Haydn: It’s still really good though 

Ronan: Yeah of course! 

Elina: I think it’s good to a certain point until you get to the stage where you need to get out of your comfort zone but I think it’s a really good place to start with. Like as a person who hasn’t been in many bands before I feel that it was a nice environment to grow as a band 

Haydn: Especially when you hear of things happening in other places and you can be like Glasgow’s so much better than that 

So you’re on the bill for the Wide Days Showcases, for anyone that hasn’t seen you before what can people anticipate from your live shows?  

Elina: Sweat! It always gets sweaty. Lots of smudged makeup and new songs 

Ronan: (To Haydn) Suits with no shirts and third nipples! 

Haydn: We’re getting very specific here! 

Elina: Dark appearances in general! *laughs* 

Lewis: I guess that’s it… 

Haydn: Well there is more 

Elina: Nope that’s all there is to us! 

Haydn: Well we’ve been kinda working on our new stuff lately, which we’ve just recorded, and this is one of the first shows where we’re going to be able to play the tracks since recording them. 

Elina: So yeah I think it’s been a huge step for us, like songwise, arrangement wise and a build in our confidence too. 

Haydn: Yeah people have been telling us that it looks and feel more confident and I thinks that’s probably from coming out of the studio like after two weeks 

Elina: Yeah like especially being really proud of what you’ve done because that will definitely show if you’re enjoying what you’re doing! Instead of just y’know being content, I think we’re all really proud of these tracks that are coming out

What was a standout moment from 2016 for you guys? 

Elina: Probably playing the ABC at the end of the year

Lewis: I don’t know, I was only in the band for a bit of 2016 but I thinks it’s the whole bunch of tracks that we wrote 

Haydn: Yeah getting the tracks sorted!

Lewis: I think getting the live show together as well 

Elina: ABC was definitely a kind of turning point with all that though because it was that moment where we were like this is a big show for us. It’s not like a space to be amateur, it’s like step up or don’t. 

Ronan: T in the Park as well though 

Elina: That feels like a long time ago *Laughs* I really enjoyed Electric Fields as well actually, getting to play that was fun 

Haydn: I got chucked out! 



Elina: Because he caused a riot at Fat White Family! 

Haydn: I never crowd surfed of my own will, people just get putting me up cause I’m quite small and light and the bouncer kept telling me to stop it but I couldn’t help it!

Lewis: And what did you do to him? 


Elina: Right lets not get into that… 

Lewis: There’s a picture and everything 

Elina: Lets stop there 


What can fans anticipate in the next six months?  

Elina: We don’t even know what to anticipate in the next six months! There’s new music and a lot of things that are unconfirmed just now that we’ll hear about in the next few months but we don’t really know ourselves just now. 

Haydn: Were planning on doing a lot more from kind of next week onwards, including more writing too 

Ronan: It’s probably the most writing we’ve ever done, there’s also a lot of support slots getting sorted just now 

Elina: That stuff is unconfirmed though

Ronan: Yeah it’s all basically just getting sorted just now! 


The first gig you ever went to? 

Elina: Adam Lambert 

Haydn: A Led Zeppelin tribute band in Paisley 

Lewis: Stereophonics – 2005 

Ronan: Rush 

If you could have written any song ever, which one would it be? 

Elina: Probably Reflektor by Arcade Fire 

Lewis: Wheres My Mind – Pixies 

Ronan: Aaaaah! 

Elina: QUICK! 

Lewis: Right he’s out! 

Haydn: Probably either The Beautiful People or Happy Birthday cause I’d be minted 

If you could have starred in any movie which one would it be? 

Haydn: The Lost Boys 

Good choice! 

Ronan: Fuck! I’m not good at this 

Lewis: Flubber 


Elina: Probably Holiday just because Jude Law! 

Ronan: Donnie Darko! Just to fuck everyone’s minds up

If you have one, your most embarrassing moment on stage? 

Ronan: I’m always just embarrassing… 

Elina: That’s true Ronan! 

Lewis: In a different band, I was once on like a wooden stage and one of the drum stool legs went off the stage and I feel completely off the stage! 

Haydn: I always fall over because I have a habit of standing on one leg, it happened at the ABC actually. I just started feeling myself ripping forward 

Lewis: Actually the last song at the ABC, the count in. It was supposed to be this like big last song and we came in like 1, 2, 3, 4 and then nothing happened and then Haydn came in at the wrong time as well  as me… 

Elina: I think my one is, I was tuning my guitar and they were about to start a song and I decided to shout “Not yet guys!” Then afterwards I was like, you’re not supposed to say that out loud. 

Thanks Guys 

@ Club Decode 2017 

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