Clay – Saint

Recently signing to LAB Records, Leeds quartet Clay have dropped their brand new single Saint. A band notorious for creating addictive and head sticking pop songs and Saint is a perfect example. 


Opening with a hazy, electronic riff which flows into the striking and memorable first lyrics “You only call me when its half past wine.” The entire song has a robotic and technical feel, with mechanical drums resulting in a machine like beat. Vocals throughout are distorted and fit in with the metallic sound. Despite the distortion, it’s still very clear how the lyrics drip with a sense of longing and a want to live in the moment. Verses parallel with a soft almost dream like instrumental and a quick tongue tripping melody. The chorus bursting at the seams with harmonies and a clear fixation on the vocals and the story being told. Bringing in a subdued bridge which builds into one last loud chorus.

Saint is an undeniably brilliant and thought out pop song with a twist. There would be no danger in saying Clay are the future of the genre and paving the way for new sounds. Listen to their single Saint below.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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