Walt Disco – Jackets – Single Review 

Having only been a band since September last year, Walt Disco have already been making waves throughout Glasgow’s music scene. Their debut single ‘Jackets’ was released last Friday, give our review a read below… 

A band that have burst onto Glasgow’s music scene, Walt Disco are a sparkling new band with a lot to offer. Having already gained a huge amount of love from fans and critics alike, they released their debut single Jackets on Friday to what has already been an amazing response. 

Opening with a distant distorted guitar riff before the full band burst in with sun soaked jangly melodies, a lively rhythmic refrain and vocals which sway detached alongside a growing colourful energy. 

The chorus brings about heavier sunny indie riffs with vocals reminiscent of post new-wave greats. An overall sunny disposition feeling is met with a powerful cathartic air to the lyrics which leave you hanging on every word. 

Fading to a shimmering hazy riff, echoing prominent vocals wrap around simplistic instrumentation giving a warm depth to the track before a building vibrant ensemble of jovial melodies and pulsing bass rhythms bring in a final chorus of driving energy and dynamic tones. 

‘Jackets’ is a brilliant debut from Walt Disco and leaves us excited for future material from the quintet. 

Give ‘Jackets’ a listen below ❤️

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 

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