Live at Leeds 2017

This weekend marks the start of 2017’s festival season for many! On Friday we venture to the city of Leeds for our first festival of 2017, Live At Leeds. With a day bursting with hotly tipped and upcoming bands, it can be difficult to decipher who to go to see! Well as usual we’ve got you covered, here is our list of Live At Leeds’ unmissable acts! Make sure you also check out the playlist below! 


Our first unmissable act of the Festival is none other than The Amazons. Hailing from Reading the 4 piece have a heavy and ferocious sound resulting in an intoxicating high energy performance. With their debut album only a month away, now is the right time to capture a glimpse of this band. Loud and in your face, they are perfect band to dance out some frustrations. Catch them at 18:15 at the O2 Academy.

The Magic Gang are another must see. Their music is a refreshing take on a retro, relaxed guitar sound. It’s only been a minute since the release of their third EP and stepping on tour with Circa Waves. Their songs reminisce of Weezer’s Buddy Holly with their own captivating and modern twist. Easy going tales with intertwining melody’s and sing-a-long choruses. Taking to the church stage at 18:30, we’ll see you there!

The Amazons

Leeds locals Clay are another act you can’t afford to miss. The most perfect description of this band is infectious pop. With a creative use of synths to create an in your face, addictive melody and an impulsive instrumental. Paired with some commonly found distorted vocals it’s a mesmerising live show. With them inevitably being the future of uk pop, you’ll be wanting to catching them soon. They take to the DR Marten’s stage at 17:30.

Yet another group of Leeds locals is Marsicans. An energetic, upbeat performance that will leave nothing but a smile on your face is to be expected from this band. Rehearsed harmonies tend to ring out across an engaged crowd, hanging on to every word. Their sets is bursting with bouncing guitars and story telling lyrics, some provoking some more emotion than others. On at 17:15 at Luu Stylus.


A band back on the scene after a period of quiet is Flyte. A quartet with an undeniable sense of melody and rhythm. Not only that, they put on one of the best live shows UK bands have to offer. They’re guitar fuelled music is well thought out and full of memorable, head sticking riffs. Vocals are also a high point of the show, with spot on harmonies and simply stunning tones. They are on at 18:15 on the Luu Stylus.

One upcoming band to keep your eye on is The Night Cafe. A young band from Liverpool making jangly indie guitar music with sweet and sour lyrics. Their youthful music is gaining popularity fast and pretty soon they’ll be everyone’s favourite band. Catch them perform their adoring music at 18:00 at the Nation of Shopkeepers.

The act that we deem the most unmissable of them all at Live At Leeds is Bad Sounds. The only word to describe their live show is entertainment. With an interesting concoction of genres with a common hip hop undertone, Bad Sounds could be the highlight of your festival. Everything about their music and aesthetic is vibrant and colourful. With lyrics of confusion and their elevator synths you can catch them at 10pm at The Lending Room.

And last but not least, we recommend you do not miss The Pale White. Another band with a rock sound and electric riffs. Their sound is boisterous and stadium filling. Although this band are still small, there’s no doubt its only a matter time until hey get their break. They’re been tipped by many of their fellow rising bands so why don’t you head to The Church for 17:30 and see why?

Unfortunately, a few of our unmissable acts clash but with many of them being new to the scene if you miss one, no doubt you’ll have another opportunity to see them again soon. Or you could be like us and foresee a lot of running between venues. Either way, Live At Leeds is the perfect way to kick off your festival season. If you are still yet to grab tickets, what are you waiting for?


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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