Rascalton – This Is It – Single Review 

Rascalton are back with a brand new single. ‘This Is It’ which dropped recently is our first taste of new material from the Glasgow quartet. Give our review a read below! 

Glasgow four piece Rascalton have been hot on the rise since their early formation. With recent news of a Double A Side Vinyl set for release in August this year, they have given us a taste of what’s to come with their brand new single titled ‘This Is It’. Which gives us a fresh look into what they have in store for us throughout 2017. 

Starting with a fast-paced gritty guitar riff which brings in a pulsing thrashing drum rhythm before being met with uniquely coarse vocals, that prominently ride against an ever growing rapid energy. ‘This Is It’ is an adrenaline-fuelled rush from beggining to end. 

Holding a tenacious punk vibrancy throughout, this two and a half minute track combines a distorted rumbling bassline, which carries the track throughout, with a driving drum groove and lively fierce guitar riffs aiding in bringing about a snappy dynamic track which wraps you up in its sheer energy and rawness. 

‘This Is It’ leaves us excited for Rascalton’s Double A Side due to be released in August, with a vibrancy as a band that can’t be matched and tracks that hold a driving captivating energy, it is clear to see why they are one of Scotland’s brightest up and coming bands. 

Give ‘This Is It’ a listen below… 


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 

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