Club Decode Meet Walt Disco

Before their gig with Girli last Friday, we sat down with new Glasgow band Walt Disco. Read below as we talk a small world tour, whats happening in the next 6 months and Shania Twain. 


So how did you guys form?

James: We formed when my mate was basically trying to wing man me and tell everyone that I was a good singer and then she told Calum this. And instead of like getting off with me, we formed a band. He knew Lewis and Dave from back home, we found Mashu at that party and he said he played synth. But he barely ever plays synth and sings on half the songs and plays guitar.

Your first gig was a battle of the bands competition at the QMU, how have things changed since then? 

Mashu: We are much older now.

Calum: We’ve written more songs. We only had three songs and we played all three.

Dave: They were singing one more tune and we were like, we have no more tunes.

So your new single came out today! (14/04/17) What can you tell us about that?

Lewis: Basically it’s called Jackets and it’s about a transgender friend of yours.

James: Yeah one of my friends is going to be transitioning soon and I basically met her because I really liked her jacket. Lewis actually chose the name for it.

Dave: We’ve got the b-side as well, Anytime.

Mashu: Yeah the b-side is one that Mashu wrote called Anytime. It used to be less like funky and then we reworked it.

Lewis: Yeah it was quite sludgy.

Calum: Yeah to start with and then we made it more upbeat.

Dave: It’s nice to have like both sides.

What would you say your typical songwriting process is?

James: There’s been a couple times where Lewis has come in with a riff or something and we all really like it. I’ll then just write the lyrics or Mashu will come in with his own song. Me and Mashu will sometimes write together.

Lewis: I think we’ve jammed a few songs. Like 2000 People we all wrote together. Pretty much anyway you can write a song, we’ve done it.

What do you guys have in store for the next 6 months?

James: We’ve got two Perth gigs coming up.

Lewis: The big city.

James: Acoustic gig at King Tuts soon.

Calum: We’re gonna try do some recording over summer hopefully.

James: Hopefully do an EP.

Dave: We also might go to Slovakia and play some gigs as well. That’s where Mashu is from so a nice little world tour.

So we’re going to go onto a quickfire round! What was the first gig you ever went to? 

James: Paul McCartney.

Lewis: Bon Jovi

Dave: Madness

Calum: The View

Mashu: Tame Imapala

Dave: That’s pretty solid actually, there’s not a cringey one in there.

Lewis: Bon Jovi.

Dave: oh yeah Bon Jovi!

Mashu: Livin on A Prayer is an amazing song whatever you say.

Dave: You have to sit through three hours of shite to get to Livin On A Prayer

It’s better than most, normally at least two people’s first gig is Busted. 

Lewis: I would have preferred Busted to be honest.

Dave: My second one was Mumford and Sons, that’s not redeemable.

Lewis: My second one was The Orwells so

 What is your most embarrassing moment on stage? 

James: I started dancing for the intro of Dream Girl No 2 and I just hit the mic off Mashu’s guitar and it just flew off and made a big noise.

Lewis: Not realising my guitar was out of tune for like almost all of King Tuts, I listened back to it and its just horrendous.

Dave: I’m really bad for just having my tongue sticking out. It’s not like an embarrassing moment, its just like an embarrassing existence.

Calum: I always hate dropping sticks.

Mashu: When ever I am on stage, I feel embarrassed.

Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

Dave: It’s got to be Shania. Shania Twain. Big shout out to Shania.

James: I am going to say Take That. I quite like some 90’s Take That.

Dave: Like when Robbie was still there kind of thing. The good old days.

Lewis: Disney Music… That’s not even guilty.

Dave: Nah that’s guilt free.

Calum: I don’t know, I don’t think i’m guilty about anything. I’m quite proud of all-

James: Who is artist that’s guilty for most people.

Dave: Can I change Shania to Kylie Minogue?

Yeah! I wouldn’t say Shania’s guilty. 

Dave: Shania’s –

Lewis: Shania’s guilty man

James: Shania’s not guilty.

Dave: Shania… is more a way of life.

James: Is Madonna guilty?

Calum: I always start singing any My Chemical Romance song that comes on. I’m not proud of that.

If you could have written any song ever, what would it be? 

Calum: I say that about like every song I here. Like I wish I could have wrote this one man.

James: Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

Mashu: Some Beatles songs. Strawberry Fields Forever.

Dave: Somethings that really simple but really beautiful. Like Someday by The Strokes. It’s not complicated but its so good.

James: Julia by The Beatles as well. I quite like the idea of writing a song that could make people cry.

Lewis: I can’t think of one.

Dave: There’s too many.

Calum: Just any Beatles song.

Lewis: Is This It by The Strokes. That entire album.

Your last question! Describe Walt Disco in 3 words? 

Lewis: Banging

Mashu: Banging, Banging

Lewis: Pink

Dave: Pink

James: Pink yeah. Pink, fun and..

Mashu: Uni… Murano

James: Pink, fun and unique!

Thank you guys! 

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