Glass Caves – Swim – Single Review 

Glass Caves are back with a brand new single. ‘Swim’ which graced us recently is our first taste of material from the four piece this year! Give our review a read below… 

Taking on a more mellow feel than previous releases, warm captivating vocals flow across a simplistic drum beat giving the single a mesmeric feel. Building energy brings in the chorus which resonates alongside an echoing guitar riff, distant harmonious backing vocals and an overall emotion evoking element which becomes more prominent throughout. 

Lyrics that hold a sense of deep personal meaning draw you into the tracks three and a half minute duration getting you lost in the breezy swaying depths of its rolling raw melodies. 

Injections of dulcet electronic melodies add to the tracks airy flow which continues to give it a fascinatingly feelgood yet thought invoking feeling, leaving you lost in its continuously sparkling relaxed melodies. As the track fades out you are left with the incesent need to hear it again and again. 

A refreshing release from the Pontefract four-piece and an exciting look into their direction for 2017. 

Give ‘Swim’ a listen below…

Catch them in Edinburgh and Glasgow on the 12th & 13th of May ❤️

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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