Anteros – Drunk EP

The intoxicating 4 piece Anteros released their second EP this last Friday. Having recently toured with Two Door Cinema Club and Blaenavon, their creating quite a buzz. Entitled Drunk, read more about the EP below. 


Anteros begin their EP with title track and lead single Drunk. Opening with a retro rock and roll theme with a spirituous and racing beat from the outset. It’s a noisy and in your face your number with those addictive progressions. Every melody is full of intoxication and the chorus is one likely to get stuck in the head. The song enters into a dreamy bridge and finishes with it’s loud, retro chorus. Moving on to On The Moon, a song that has modern day Fleetwood vibe. With the same driven beat and bass lines with an acoustic and spiralling guitar overlay. Risking it all in the lyrics with an ultimatum. Yet another sticking melody and an overall enchanting number.

Cherry Drop brings in the retro, fast paced sound one again. It contains a refreshing take on an older sound and exudes vibrancy. Making this the perfect next single from this EP. The rhythm and thought process is undeniable. Closing the EP with High, Goodbye, a slower and more relaxed track than the others. Although there is a definite vocal focus, the strength of the instrumental and rhythm does not falter. The song builds beautifully, ending in a captivating emotion.

Drunk is a fantastic, rock n roll feel EP. Anteros a band on the rise and definitely one to watch. Listen to the EP below!

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