Pleasure House – Calm – Single Review


After a long awaited return, Pleasure House are back with a brand new single! ‘Calm’ which premiered over on Dork is our first teaser of what’s to come from the Birmingham four-piece in 2017. Give our review a read below….


‘Calm’ is our first look at what’s to come from Pleasure House’s new EP which is set to be released May 26th with an extensive UK tour surrounding it’s release.

With a sense of a new sound direction, ‘Calm’ is a fresh shimmering track wrapped up in just short of three minutes of intensely electric feelgood energy. Opening with distorted guitar riffs, hazy vocals and a solidly jaunty drum rhythm carrying the track throughout its duration and building its underlying raw energy.

With an overall intensely powerful meaning ‘Calm’ is a fusion of psychedelic distorted melodies, an energetically upbeat rhythm and continuously growing unrestrained energy. A dynamically guitar laden track with exciting injections of a groove inducing bass line giving it all the potential makings of a brilliant live track.

Pleasure House have come back with a track over and above everyone’s expectations. Leaving people with a sense of excitement for their new EP and live dates ❤

Give ‘Calm’ a listen below…


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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