Mt. Doubt – Tourists – Single Review


Mt. Doubt are back with a brand new single! ‘Tourists’ which was released last Friday via Scottish Fiction is their first release of 2017 and an exciting look into what the year holds for them. Give our review a read below…


Mt. Doubt are a force to be reckoned with, following on from 2016 which saw them release their highly successful album ‘In Awe Of Nothing’ to illustrious reviews and phenomenal fan support. This along with extensive live performances in cities across the country as well as festival appearances including T Break at last years T in the Park, Belladrum Festival and Xpo North has set them in good stead to take on 2017. Following on from their continuing success last year, they are now back with a brand new single! ‘Tourists’ which was released last Friday via Scottish Fiction is our first taste of what’s to come from Mt. Doubt in 2017…

Coming in with mellow vocals rolling out over a simplistic easy-going drum rhythm and dulcet guitar riff all adding to the overall sweet melodious feel of the single. Harmonious vocals carry the track into it’s chorus with a building energy being met with increasingly powerful rhythmic drum patterns and enhanced echoing melodies.

Growing heavier throughout it’s nearly four minute duration the track drops out to calm vocals over stripped back instrumentation which still packs the same vigorous punch which has become an increasingly familiar theme running through Mt. Doubt’s releases, although ‘Tourists’ holds a more upbeat feel to it with a progressively fun feeling becoming prominent throughout. Coarse powerful vocals bring in the tracks finale minute with a continually dynamic building energy which then softly fades out leaving you with a need to hear more.

Mt. Doubt have created a powerful track with uniquely intriguing layers intertwining into a captivating listen. With a lyrically fun twist neatly wrapped up in a fuzzily warm track leaving us excited for future Mt. Doubt material.

Give ‘Tourists’ a listen below…

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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