LaKyoto – Live Review – Sneaky Pete’s


LaKyoto took to Sneaky Pete’s to provide fans with a shimmering performance of well perfected tracks signifying their launch as one of Scotland’s newest acts and proving their place as one to watch throughout 2017.

Taking the stage the Edinburgh four piece provided a captivating set, drawing you into it’s 30 minute duration of harmonious vocals confidently rising above powerfully energetic melodies and an underlying groove inducing bass-line adding to the overall positively upbeat energy washing out over a crowd wrapped up in their presence and reciprocating every element of the bands passionate approach to every track they slipped into.

Soaking up every second of their confident fun stage presence and continuously powerful up-beat tracks we were met with fan favourites ‘Zurich’ and ‘Shake’ bringing an overall sense of familiarity to the set and providing even more of a reason for the crowd to dance and sing their hearts out. I’m not alone when I say that everyone left in high spirits and with a want for more. Closing the set with their brand new single ‘Runaway’ we were left with nothing but excitement for the future of LaKyoto.

A band destined to have a lot to offer this year, you’ll be left with regrets if you don’t get behind them. They are definitely one to watch this year and I’m excited to see their intended direction and future material.


Photo – Robert Adam

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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