Blaenavon @ King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow – 03/04/17

A headline gig from this band is something many music fans have been looking forward to. In the days running up to the release of their debut album, Blaenavon took to the stage of King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

Photo by Charlotte Patmore

After 2 blistering sets from locals The Ninth Wave and an acclaimed Anteros, Blaenavon took to the stage. The band are known for their transcendent levels of performance and energy, and that’s exactly what the 3 piece delivered. Not only did the musical element of their set pack a punch, but so did the visual and the scripted element of the gig. It seemed in between hair flips and head bangs, instruments flew and guitars were boisterously thrown about the stage. You never quite knew where to look or what might happen next. The crowd soaked up every note and every word, they were just as adrenaline fuelled as the performance in front of them.

Blaenavon delved into their older, their new and into their forthcoming material to piece together an intoxicating set. Let Us Pray, My Bark is Your Bite and Orthodox Man went down most successfully, every lyric captured and thrown back to them. With a pretty tight and mesmeric set, there is no need to look for improvements. However, if each song had the layering it has recorded, Blaenavon’s noise may be able to captivate a room even more. A definite recommendation to grab a chance to see this band whenever you can.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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