Swimm – First Time

After years of releasing divergent EPs and singles, LA duo Swimm have finally announced their debut album. With this announcement came their lead single, First Time. 

Photo By Alex McDonnell

With each new song Swimm releases, there comes a different sound. Although this song is yet another unpredictable difference, it’s sound pairs excellently with their most recent tracks Groupie and Man’s Man. The duo continue to stray further from the You-Never-Know-What-You’re-Gonna-Get sound of the Beverley Hells EP. First Time has a quieter, softer vibe with a primary focus on the intertwines of the harmonising vocals. The instrumental is dreamy and full of guitar fuelled fixation. It jumps from one dream like note to the next. The whole song pictures the introduction of summer and long drives. the chorus is reminiscent of throwback R’n’B with high vocals and harmonies and a chorus you’ll likely find yourself singing or humming throughout the day. There is no doubt within the lyrics, they’re to the point and there’s no questioning as to what they could be about. No element of the piece has been neglected, everything flows in perfect time and rhythm.

First Time is an example of Swimm’s relationship with constant experimentation and not wanting to stick to the one genre. Not only proving they’re musically and instrumentally artistic but also aesthetically. Everything about them is colourful and striking. Overall, an incredibly strong lead single that leaving everyone wanting more.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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