Lisbon – Tyler – Single Review


After a long awaited return, Lisbon are back with a brand new single! ‘Tyler’ which premiered today is a fresh look at the bands destined direction for 2017 and their first release since early last year. Give our review a read below and make sure you catch them at Sneaky Pete’s on April 21st!




‘Tyler’ follows a completely new sound direction when compared to Lisbon’s previous releases. It’s a fun look into what they have in store for us in 2017. A bright breezy track with a summery electric feel to it, a jangly guitar riff with a psychedelic feel intertwines with warm dreamy vocals and a uniquely rhythmic drum beat to create an overall feelgood energy to the track which washes out and flows airily throughout it’s duration.

Coming just short of three minutes ‘Tyler’ is neatly packaged into a luring mellow track with a hip-hop feel fused with a indie-pop edge pushing it slightly towards the heavier end of the indie spectrum. Synth injections of energetic bursts of quirky note progressions and melodies provide a colourful sunny feel to the track.

Dropping out to a contrasting spoken word monologue which makes appearances throughout the tacks duration also, this is met with offbeat background effects before the track bursts back in with a building energy progressing towards the tracks abrupt ending leaving you with an incessant need to hear it again and again.

‘Tyler’ is a positive shift in direction from the Newcastle trio. With an exciting new energy and sound we cannot wait to see what Lisbon have in store for us in 2017. They are a band truly destined for a great 2017!

Give ‘Tyler’ a listen below ❤

You can catch Lisbon at Sneaky Pete’s on April 21st when they support Lost In Vancouver so get  yourselves along! 

Tickets – 


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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