The Vegan Leather – Shake It – Single Review


Art Pop Four-Piece The Vegan Leather released their brand new single ‘Shake It’ recently! After a short wait for new material this track is everything fans were hoping for and more. Give our review a read below… 

Following in the footsteps of their previous releases, ‘Shake It’ is a fusion of dynamically quirky electronic melodies, smooth harmonious vocals and an overall 80’s Artpop band vibe. With retro synth elements of continuous bass rhythms with an overlay of upbeat melodies soaked with an overall groove feeling. 

An underlying building energy carries the track to a dropout repeated chorus of the tracks title. A lively synth refrain is met with aggressive repetition of “Shake It” adding to the overall fun energy of the track. With injected elements of driving electronic tones flowing alongside complexly rhythmic percussion adding an overall dance-like feeling to the single. 

This colourfully bold track is a complex mix of electronic layers with a solid drum groove flowing continuously and carrying a heavier punchy underlying element throughout the tracks duration. A brilliant three and a half minute delve into The Vegan Leathers Art-Pop vision. 

Definitely one of my favourite tracks from this year, ‘Shake It’ pushes genre boundaries and leaves a huge amount of room to get excited about what the future holds for The Vegan Leather! 

Give ‘Shake It’ a listen below… 

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 

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