Indigo Velvet – Electric Circus – Live Review

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Last Friday saw Indigo Velvet play the final ever gig to take place at Electric Circus, Edinburgh. They took the stage alongside special guests Model Aeroplanes and Dunfermline five-piece Dancing On Tables to give the Electric Circus the send off it deserved!

Dancing On Tables 

Dancing On Tables provided fans with an atmospherically mellow luring performance. Taking the stage and providing the perfect opener for the night with a lively set reminiscent of the 60’s era with hazy melodies, dreamy harmonious vocals and positively feelgood tracks, with a fun heavier indie twist giving the performance an added energetic element. With a brilliant reception from the crowd DOT’s feelgood energy wrapped everyone up in their performance. A band destined to have a brilliant 2017.


Model Aeroplanes 

Model Aeroplanes never fail to impress with their live performances. With a captivatingly upbeat run through of tracks we’ve come to love, we were also left excitedly surprised by the incorporation of brand new tracks leaving us delighted at the prospect of new material in the near future from the Dundee four-piece. A fun high energy performance that drew you into its 30 minute duration. The crowd loved every second of their summery feelgood tracks which washed out over a crowd lost in their performance. We are definitely excited to see where Model Aeroplanes go next. 

                            Indigo Velvet

Every time we see Indigo Velvet their performances are stronger. This time was no different as they took to the stage and belted out songs new and old to a crowd completely overcome by their performance. Summery infused feelgood tracks flowed out across a crowd captivated by their fun stage presence, well perfected upbeat tracks and overall positively unique style and sound. A brilliantly high energy performance that left you with nothing but high spirits afterwards. Another 10/10 stellar performance from the Edinburgh four piece. Definitely a band hot on the rise with a lot to offer throughout 2017. 


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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