HalfNoise – The Velvet Face EP

It’s not been long since the release of their second album Sudden Feeling in the summer of 2016! But Zac Farro’s HalfNoise just dropped a brand new EP.


Venturing away from the modern pop sound he was producing only 6 months ago, Zac Farro has delved into a retro, funk sound. Opening the EP with the most recent single Scooby’s in the back. Opening The Velvet face with a sound reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s and a song driven with groove and an undeniable dance factor. From the outset it’s clear Farro has began an exploration of various sounds and genres, extending his reach as a songwriter and producer. With the first track he has created a perfect for vinyl noise. Moving on to the second song of the EP and lead single French Class. Instantly capturing ears with an infectious bass line, channelling beats and sliding guitars. Not to mention a head sticking melody and vibrant samples. French Class contains a showcase of unquestionable creativity and musical talent.

As U Wave takes the EP down a notch to a relaxing and softer pace. The instrumental is easy and illustrates a summery picture. Lyrics and vocal flow depict a slightly downhearted story. HalfNoise bring in the familiar voice of Paramore singer Hayley Williams for the second verse, adding a too and fro. Yet another showcase of exploration on this song to create an alluring number that’s easy to listen to. Someday is reminiscent of what HalfNoise was producing on Sudden Feeling. A raised tempo and a dance provoking electronic instrumental. The brilliance and groove of this song is difficult to capture in words and therefore a listen is the only way to really know.

HalfNoise finish the EP with title track Velvet Face. Slowing down the tempo once more with a song involving a prominent and memorable riff paired with a mellow melody. Introducing more percussion and tempo in the chorus and closes The Velvet Face EP with 5 minutes of transfixing music. Overall this EP is creatively diverse and can be described as nothing other than fantastic. Bringing together various genres and elements, HalfNoise has created something it would be difficult to tire of.

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