BBC Radio 6 Music Festival – Oran Mor – Live Review 

BBC Radio 6 Music have graced Glasgow with a series of brilliant events as part of The Fringe this year. From some of Glasgow’s hottest up and coming acts to long time standing musical greats and everything in between. Last night saw the festival brought to Oran Mor! Here’s our review of what went down… 

American Clay

Providing fans with an energetic adrenaline filled performance from start to finish. The room was filled with powerfully raw vocals, heavy percussion elements and thrashing guitars all of which added to the overall brilliantly aggressive tone of the performance. A captivating performance capturing the heavier experimental side of Glasgows up and coming Music scene. A must watch…


Grunge inspired tones flowed out across a crowd in awe of her sheer talent and powerfully husky vocals slinked over new wave, sparkly-smooth sounding melodies. Upbeat tracks Saturday is Dead and Best Boy were met with slower dirtier sounding tracks When I Think Of You and Lose My Mind providing fans with an overall luring performance that drew you in leaving you lost in its 30 minute duration. A fusion of different musical styles paying homage to some past musical greats. LUCIA is one of our personal favourite acts just now, definitely one to watch and hot on the rise for 2017!

Catholic Action 

Providing fans with a fun heavier twist on the overall indie-pop genre. Catholic Action entertained fans with upbeat catchy tracks filled with dulcet strong vocals, feelgood melodies and prominently groove enducing bass-lines. With a strong well perfected live set, Catholic Action are a force to be reckoned with. Their tracks contain an overall jovial groove that provides the perfect setting to move your feet when seeing them live. All of this respectively trademarked with that Catholic Action twist that we have all come to love. Catholic Action are a band rapidly on the rise so keep up with them while you still have the chance to see them in a smaller intimate setting.
Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 🌸

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