Rebel Westerns – ENVY – Single Review

Edinburgh based indie-pop outfit Rebel Westerns are back with a brand new single! Give our review of ‘Envy’ a read below…


Since their early formation Rebel Westerns have had a string of critically acclaimed singles which have fast become fan favourites and a staple part of their Electric live performances. Solid exciting single releases alongside their repeated success with sold out dynamically unique live performances has proven their place alongside Scotlands up and coming 2017 ones to watch! The Edinburgh based indie-pop five piece are now back with a brand new track titled ‘ENVY’. With an already overwhelmingly rapid positive response, their new track is sure to be your new summer single.

With feelgood injections of mellow electronic melodies coupled with powerfully jovial vocals adding to the tracks overall up-beat feel. ‘ENVY’ combines a mix of complexly unique drum rhythms, a breezily catchy chorus that is destined to be stuck in your head and an overall tone of a perfectly crafted pop track which holds an added exciting element that draws you into its three and a half minute duration leaving you lost in its positively consuming nature. This coupled with an added overlay of a dynamic synth melody which continues to add to the overall dance-like feeling of the track.

All of this starkly contrasting the singles overall underlying meaning. Tackling the subject of personal struggles in a fun clever manner with a luring pop track. Flowing fluidly from verse to chorus an added groove inducing bassline gives a heavier tone to this neatly packaged pop track setting it apart from other tracks within the pop spectrum and paying homage to the overall image of the band themself.

Dropping out to a break of a jangly sunny guitar riff, vocal effects bring in one final powerful run through of the tracks chorus. As the ending fades out you are left with an incessant need to hit replay. Filling you with a need to dance and being a positively solid track to hear live, ‘ENVY’ sits apart from Rebel Westerns previous releases, with a sense of a slight change of direction we are excited to see where Rebel Westerns go next!

Give the video for ‘Envy’ a watch below…

Or give it a stream below ❤

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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