Noah Noah – Thick As Thieves – Single Review


Edinburgh based indie-electro outfit Noah Noah are back with a brand new single.’Thick As Thieves’ dropped last Friday and we’re here to tell you why you need to get this track on repeat…


Having only been a band for just over a year, Noah Noah have seen massive success from every opportunity that has come there way. Hot off the back of their last single ‘Champion’ which was released to stellar reviews and phenomenal fan support they are back with a brand new track to grace you guys with. ‘Thick As Thieves’ is a perfect follow up single…

Opening with a lively feelgood guitar riff we are met with lead singer Fraser’s sweet vocals rolling across an intricate delightfully bright drum rhythm providing an overall uplifting element to the track. ‘Thick As Thieves’ captures an overall easy, jovial sound and feeling while tackling a topic of love and relationships in an engagingly lovable way.

Continuing with jangly sunny melodies, with a dance-like feeling filling you with the need to move your feet along to this captivating mesmeric track. We are then met with a drop to a distorted riff and a powerful emotion evoking verse littered with relatable lyrics before a repeated building chorus brings in the end of the track to one final showcase of the talent contained within Noah Noah.

With a continuous light and breezy feeling flowing throughout the tracks duration, we are met with a building underlying energy with an abrupt end when the track drops out to one final stripped back version of the chorus, ending this just short of three minutes track with a light mellow feeling leaving you with a need to hit repeat.

Give ‘Thick As Thieves’ a listen below…



Make sure you get yourselves along to their single launch this Friday (March 24th) 


Get your tickets here ❤

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017




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