Pronto Mama – Double-Speak – Single Review


Pronto Mama are back with a brand new single titled ‘Double-Speak’! Give our review a read below and give the track a little listen…


Pronto Mama have given us a sweet teaser of what is to come from their new album ‘Any Joy’ which graces us in May this year. Released last Friday ‘Double-Speak’ is an exciting insight into what is to come from the Glaswegian Six-Piece. A band hotly on the rise and rapidly at that, they had a massive 2016 and 2017 is quickly shaping up to be the same.

Pronto Mama never fail to put their creative individual stamp on everything they release. ‘Double-Speak’ is a track which stands alone and sets itself apart from many releases just now. Starting out with a rapid high energy drum rhythm setting the overall tone of the track, the hypnotic raw vocals prominently stand out overly a simplistically effective melody which builds to a powerfully punchy chorus abruptly met with a mellow dropout to softer edged vocals before bouncing straight back in with a lively complex drum rhythm which solidly carries the track throughout it’s duration.

With added injections of synthy electronic notes building an interesting overall subtle melody to the track, which continues to build it’s intriguing structure. This is then followed by a loose guitar riff which flows underneath echoing vocals which eerily bring home the tracks overall meaning to the listener. The four minute track is finished off with a powerful finale – a minute of thrashing guitars, heavy percussion elements and dynamic electronic sounds before ending abruptly and leaving you wanting more.

Pronto Mama never fail to give us brilliantly crafted, dynamically individual tracks and’Double-Speak’ is a perfect example of that, with so many intriguingly complex layers intertwined into one track their talent as musicians and together as a band is definitely one to be matched.

We are certainly more than excited to hear their new album. Make sure you get behind these guy’s ❤

Give ‘Double-Speak’ a listen below…

You can catch Pronto Mama on tour throughout May on the dates below so get yourselves along!


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017










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