Victoria – Thunder

Released a couple weeks back was London pop band Victoria’s new single, Thunder. It’s a track we are all guilty of sleeping on a bit and we all wish we didn’t. 


Known for their Piano infused and consistently fixating pop music, Victoria have created yet another alluring track. Releasing a track to prepare them for a year full of gigs and festival stops.  Thunder is keys fuelled with forceful drums and snappy instruments intertwining throughout. With unforgettable melodies, uninhibited verses and a mixture of glorious harmonies this is a perfect little pop song. Thunder fits in perfectly with their array of songs, the sound is instantly identifiable as one that belongs to this quintet. Vocals can be considered as nothing other than glorious and the tale told within the song as compelling.

Victoria are a band that unless you’re a Newton Faulkner fan, you may not have heard of. Here’s a recommendation to delve into this band’s little collection of music, it will bring no harm. Not only are these tracks a source of wonderment recorded but possibly more mesmerising live. Victoria’s live performance is one of the greatest to be witnessed amongst all the current up and coming pop bands. Catch them on a string of English dates that begin next week and at festivals such as Isle Of Wight, The Great Escape and many more! Listen to Thunder below.


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