Fickle Friends – Hello Hello – Single Review 

Fickle Friends are back with another blissfully feelgood pop track! Give our review of Hello Hello a read below… 

Fickle Friends have released a string of immensely successful, brilliantly crafted tracks since their early formation. 2016 saw them reach new heights with prestigious festival appearances, critically acclaimed releases and spectacular live headline shows. They’ve now started 2017 with an absolute banger, Hello Hello proves exactly why we love Fickle Friends as much as we do and why they are definitely one of the UK’s best indie-pop acts! 

Starting with lead singer Natti’s dreamy sweet vocals rolling out over a catchy upbeat synth melody that continues a building feelgood energy throughout the tracks duration. ‘Hello Hello’ is a clear heavily electronic pop influenced track when compared to Fickle Friends previous releases but the shift has been welcomed and well received by fans. The track marks the start of the bands 2017 and judging by its sheer brilliance we are all in for a treat from the Brighton five-piece who have proved with each consecutive track that they are here to leave their mark and leave us all in awe of their creativity and originality as a band. 

Breaking into the tracks chorus we are met with a heavier energetic feel. With mellow yet powerful vocals, an upbeat melody throughout, relatable lyrics and heavier added twists giving a jubilant groove to the overall feeling of the track. ‘Hello Hello’ has all the markings of an acclaimed pop track although holding a combined mixture of diverse creative elements which set the track well above the general pop genre, a diverse twist on an idea which has proven to work well for Fickle Friends. 

Dropping out to a dancelike mixture of warm synthy melodies and pure pop pleasure we are met with elements of the track that would make a sublime experience when played live. With a building tempo and energy of a stripped back version of the tracks chorus leading into the tracks finale of a powerful performance of the chorus with positive injections of inventive synth melodic overlays building to an unfinished ending to the single which adds to the need to hear this track again and again, leaving you hitting repeat. 

‘Hello Hello’ leaves us excited to see what Fickle Friends have instore for us next! 

Give ‘Hello Hello’ a listen below… 
You can catch Fickle Friends on a tour of the UK’s student unions as part of the Topman/NME tour on the dates below

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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