Circa Waves – Different Creatures

Circa Waves are a band that have been creating a storm since the minute of their formation in 2013. Not even 6 months into being a band, the quartet supported high flying French band Phoenix and released their first demos through Trangressive/Kissability. Their success was prompt and it gladly hasn’t been short lived. Two years after the release of their debut Young Chasers, Circa Waves return with that foreseen second album, Different Creatures. 


The Liverpudlians are known for their quick paced, punching guitar sound, a sound which that has been carried on but with a maturity. With a steadier beat and a control over their explosive noise. The first track and single from the album is Wake Up. An aggressive and thunderous guitar intro welcomes both the album and the song. Ferocity takes a step as the first chorus comes into play but kicks back in afterwards till the last second. With impatience and anger in lyrics, Wake Up begins Different Creatures with a glaring energy.

Secondly, comes a song with a softer side, Fire That Burns. Focus on a more melodic tone and story telling lyrics, energy is not compromised. Intricately thought out guitars and movement creates a mesmeric flow and makes for a stand out album favourite. Goodbye is a deep sounding, darker feeling noise. Flamboyant pace and consistently patrolled vocal patterns, this song is an addictive piece. It encourages a repetitive listen and it’s yet another song that stands out as a favourite.

Slowing things down is Out On My Own. With a sedated, heavy rock feel, its rises and dips with a strong sensibility and lyrics soaked in an emotional state. Title track Different Creatures brings in snappy verses and a fixating rhythm. The chorus is familiar and matches the sound of those on their first album. Not forgetting the sound that stood them well, Different Creatures grasps the sound the their fans love.


Crying Shame is another song that allows a reminisce  of Young Chaser. From the youthful, guitar fuelled outset, it’s explosive, quick and recognised. The following song is a complete contract. Love’s Run Out supplies a short spell of quiet, settled with an acoustic, soft spoken words and an almost bluesy feel. Stuck is a striking combination of Circa Waves’s youthful and new found sound. The song could easily fit on both of the band’s LPs. Playing with familiarity and a new twist once more. Stuck was quick to be picked up as fan favourite.

A Night on The Broken Tiles is heavy and hard hitting. With the rock feel, the band have been afraid to play that diversity card. The diversity is not extreme but a need for it has been acknowledged. Bringing in the classical element, it’s fresh and a pleasant surprise amongst all this collection of songs. Hitting back with the indie theme is Without You. Lyrics of mixed feelings, changes in levels in all aspects of the song and a roaring chorus. It’s another loud, compelling number.

Finishing and bringing their second album is Old Friends. Ending with a retro and laid back number, like a calm wind down. Expressing feelings most of us feel and miss. Overall, Circa Waves haven’t faltered slightly on Different Creatures, kicking the phrase of “That difficult second album” to the curb. To conclude, this album is full of familiarity and diversity and makes for a fantastic listen.

Listen to the album below!

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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