Astrid S – Breathe

Over a  year since the release of her debut EP and some time after her collaborations with Matoma, Norwegian pop songstress Astrid S is back with her single Breathe. A single which fuels an inevitable busy year ahead. 


After over a year of recorded silence from Astrid S, she is back with her brand new single Breathe. This time she appears to have strayed away from the deeply artistic and robotic production and has focused on the elements of the pop genre. Sticking with the familiar distortion and effective vocal play, Astrid hasn’t put her in depth creativity out of mind. With an ironic laid back breezy chorus, telling breathless tales with a clear presence of air. An easy tempo, an alluring melody and a fixating lyrical story makes Breathe an addictive and simplistic listen.

Astrid S is easily giving the big guns of her genre a run for there money. However, as she continues to piece together these perfect pop songs, she could be joining those at the top sooner rather than later. She explores with enticing musical elements some dare not to go near and takes a refreshing approach to production. A very exciting artist and one everyone would benefit from keeping an eye on. Listen to her new single below!

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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