Foreignfox – Bonfire – Single Review


Foreignfox release video for B-Side single ‘Bonfire’ before Double A side single release later this month. Give our review of the track a read below …

Five-piece Alt-Rock outfit Foreignfox have seen huge success since their 2013 formation with a string of prestigious live dates and critically acclaimed singles under their belt. The quintet are back with a brand new video for their track ‘Bonfire’ the B-Side to their new single ‘Lights Off, Carry Me Home’ released March 31st. The lead single ( ‘Light’s Off, Carry Me Home’)  also being released as a Double A Side along with Edinburgh Alt-Rock outfit Mt Doubt’s new single ‘Tourists’, both released March 31st via Scottish Fiction.

Starting off with a simplistic guitar melody, which then broadens into a much stronger, warmer melody aiding in carrying lead singer Jonny’s coarse emotion evoking vocals over the first three minutes of this poignantly unique track.

‘Bonfire’ is a mellow track which breezily flows across five and a half minutes, with a building underlying energy. Midway we are met with a full band performance giving a surge in the tracks overall energy, adding to the universal raw power behind the track.

Coming towards the end of the single we are met with a drop out to an unassuming drum rhythm which drifts alongside an innocent melody leading you into one final minute of a sheer high energy, compelling finish to a beautifully dynamic track.

If this track does not have you intrigued to delve into every intricate layer which aided its creation then you are doing something wrong.  This distinctively fascinating track will have you hanging on it’s every last word, it’s a truly sublime single and leaves us excited to see where Foreignfox go next.

Give the video for ‘Bonfire’ a watch below…

Get yourselves along to the single launches, they are two great bands not to be missed!





Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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