Club Decode Meet Lost In Vancouver


We caught up with Lost In Vancouver ahead of their support set with Patersani at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh. Give it a read below as we talk band origins, new music and the bands first gigs…

Hi Guys!

What made you want to pursue a career in music? How did Lost In Vancouver come to be? 

Jake: So for me it was watching The Killers at Glastonbury 2007, that like as soon as I saw the deer antlers on the keyboard, all the lights and the crowd going crazy for them. I just became set on knowing that was what I wanted to do as a career.

Brandon: I used to sit in my granddads living room and listen to like hardcore blues, like Muddy Waters and stuff, that was like the main thing for me. Then I got offered the chance of playing in a band and I went for it.

Tom: Mine was kind of the same as Jake’s but mine was with the Arctic Monkeys – 2014 at T in the Park! I already knew that I was going to be in a band before that mainly because I couldn’t really do anything else but seeing them at T in the Park, that was it for me.

You’re supporting Patersani tonight at La Belle Angele, what can people anticipate from your live shows? 

Jake: A lot of energy and a lot of new songs! We feel as a band that our writing has come on so much in the past year, I’d say that there was a lot more meaning behind our lyrics now. I thin we understand what people want to hear a lot better.

Tom: Yeah we’ve been changing our set a lot! We used to just stick to the same thing all the time

Brandon: There is a new surprise song in the set! That we’ve recorded but people don’t get to know which one it is… One of them has been recorded and we’re hoping to release it.

Jake: I think the good thing is kinda when we first formed we were a complete Catfish rip off and it’s nice now because we’ve drifted away from that one sound!

The last single you released was ‘Break’, how are you feeling about the reception it’s received? 

Jake: Break’s done great! When we first released Juliet, the streams went up but they went up very slowly but with Break like we were watching it go up into high numbers every day, it was nice to see that. It’s not at the stage anymore where it’s just our parents that are coming to our gigs and stuff, it’s like people have actually latched onto us and we are getting a following now so it’s really good! it’s great to see that.

What was the writing process behind ‘Break’, where did the inspiration come from? 

Jake: So with all of our songs, how did I describe it before, was it like a slushie?

Brandon: Ugh we did an interview before and completely bombed it because he decided and pretty much said that our writing process was like a slushie and that me, Tom and Connor are the ice and that he is all the flavouring of the slushie.

Jake: Nah I think it was the other way around! I was the ice and you’s were all the flavouring. Basically I write the basis of the songs and they colour it.

Tom: Essentially Jake just writes an acoustic song and has a rough idea of what we want it to be and then everyone else has their input and it just sort of forms into a different song entirely. It’s the same when we record it, it always sounds different than we expect afterwards. It evolves in a number of weeks.

What was a standout moment from 2016?

Tom: Tuts!

Jake: No mine is our first headline show selling out. Definitely, that was the first moment for me as a front-man to not actually need to sing our songs that we had released. So for example when  we played Juliet, every time the chorus came up I didn’t need to sing because the crowd was so loud and that was just, it was breathtaking to see people attached to our music. I think that was my first real feeling of we are an actual band, not just four lads playing music.

Brandon: Kirkcaldy too that was quite good

Tom: It was Tut’s for me, I’ve seen so many big bands there that have been my idols so to actually get a chance to play there as well as the show being sold out because we played with Patersani there, it was a surreal moment just being on that stage.

What can people anticipate from the next six months?  

Jake: New music!

Brandon: A lot of gigs

Jake: A better image. So yeah new music, better image and a lot of gigs, like every weekend!


What was the first gig you ever went to? 

Jake: Kings of Leon – SECC – 2006 or 2007

Brandon: Tonight Alive in Glasgow in 2012, I got dragged there

Tom: Actually mine was a Nina Nesbitt gig at Electric Circus in 2012

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Jake: Olympia by Sundara Karma, definitely! That or 7 by Catfish…

Brandon: Either Lose the Feeling by Sundara or Arizona by Kings of Leon

Tom: I’d say Vice by Lisbon

Jake: Ooooooh!

Tom: Maybe Alive by Glass Caves as well

Jake: That’s quite a good one!

Describe Lost In Vancouver in three words? 

Brandon: Lost in Vancouver

Nope that’s not how it works 

Jake: Right we need some serious alliteration here!

Jake: Sexy, Stubbly

Brandon: No fuck off!

Jake: And Sound. No that’s shit right try again!

Tom: Indie, Music and uhm Band


Brandon: I’d go with pretty, not as in looking but I think our music is pretty like our riffs and stuff

Jake: Okay then, we’ll go with Loud, Catchy and Pretty.

Your dream support slot? 

Brandon: I know me and you are going to say Sundara at some point

Jake: Yeah me and Brandon are Sundara mad at the moment. I don’t know though, I’d say Catfish, Catfish are my dream support!

Brandon: Probably The Kooks, I’d love to support The Kooks!

Tom: Actually for me it would probably be The Cribs!

Your favourite gig/festival experience? 

Jake: So my parents used to take me to quite a lot of festivals when I was younger and we went to V Festival in 2011, when Kings of Leon were headlining and I’ve been a major Kings of Leon fan since I was a wee boy and to watch them grow and grow and grow to the stage where they are headlining festivals was just mad for me and to see that then that was definitely my favourite festival moment.

Brandon: Uhm I got to see the back end of Leeds Fest once which was pretty good, I wasn’t there for the whole weekend but I managed to get in for the last half of the last day which was pretty cool, it was the first festival that I’d ever been to,. but yeah I only got to see like four bands but it was still really good!

Tom: I’d say Tame Impala at T in the Park – 2014. It was so good, like their lighting and just their back-drop it was insane!

If you have one, your most embarrassing moment on stage? 

Jake: The clap!

Brandon: Yeah the clapping, we were playing for like eight people and Connor just sat and decided to try and get everyone clapping like there was a thousand people in that room at that moment

Tom: Awww it was so bad!

Jake: It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Hands down!

Well Thanks Guys!

Give their latest single ‘Robyn’ a listen below!

Catch them supporting Rebel Westerns at PJ Molloy’s Dunfermline on the 16th of March 2017!



@ Club Decode 2017

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