Marsicans – Friends – Single Review


Marsicans in Paris | Portia Hunt

Marsicans are back with a brand new single! ‘Friends’ which was released just over a week ago is a high energy feelgood track that you need to get wrapped up in. Give our review a read below and help yourself fall in love with this brilliant track… Photo Credit – Portia Hunt


Having already gained massive recognition both across the UK and globally, ‘Friends’ is an exciting new track from Leeds four-piece Marsicans. Having already gained airplay from UK wide recognised stations such as BBC Radio 1, Radio X and Amazing Radio there is a clear well deserved hype rapidly forming around this stellar track. Having also been feature on Spotify playlists such as Hot New Bands and Spotify’s Indie List the band have been able to push their track into other globally recognised music markets across the world.

Starting out with powerful harmonising vocals over a catchy simplistic  guitar riff, which sets a mellow tone for the track before a simple  breezy hi-hat brings in a band ensemble of hazy feelgood  guitar melodies overlaying an intricate drum rhythm which aids in cultivating a dynamic track.

The fast paced first chorus adds a coarse dynamic edge to the track, with it being a marker for a swift tempo change to a heavier dirtier sounding indie track of a prominently thrashing drumbeat which gives the track its continued building energy throughout its three minute duration.

Dropping out to a softer verse of a dreamlike guitar melody and mellow vocals, the track is then instantly picked up again with a heavier, emotion evoked compelling run through of the singles chorus, providing the perfect finish to this well polished single. Ending on a high which will undoubtedly have you hitting repeat.

Marsicans are one of the UK’s favourite up and coming acts who still have a lot to offer. We’re excited to see where they go next!

Give the video for ‘Friends’ a watch below…

Kitt @ Club Decode 2017

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