Vistas – Feel Alive – Single Review


Following on from the success of their EP ‘Medicine’ released last year, Vistas are back with a brand new well polished single! ‘Feel Alive’ easily proves their place up their as one of 2017’s ones to watch. Give our review a read below…


With an already loyal fan following and some pretty prestigious accolades under their belts, Vistas are taking the Scottish music industry by storm. Having only been a band for just over a year they have seen a huge amount of success from every endeavour they have taken on.

‘Feel Alive’ is an exciting look into the future of Vistas and whats still to come from a band who are hotly tipped as one to watch. Starting with a hipswaying melody lead singer Prentice’s sweet mellow vocals flow out across a dynamically strong track with jangly guitar riffs and punchy percussion, which carries the track and helps push it towards the heavier end of the indie spectrum.

It’s a well perfected track with sweet sounding melodies and an all-round upbeat manner to it, this single is high energy and sure to be a live fan favourite. Dropping out to a simple catchy guitar riff, warm harmonious vocals and a growingly prominent thumping drum rhythm, the track comes back in with one last compelling run through of the chorus. There is an underlying building energy which wraps the single up into just under three minutes of an evidently powerful indie track.

‘Feel Alive’ is a feelgood track that is an instant pick me up for anyone who listens to it.

We highly reccomend you guy’s check Vistas out and get yourselves wrapped up in their track. Give ‘Feel Alive’ a listen below ❤


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 ❤






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