Ayakara – Dressed From ’67 – Single Review


Ayakara are back with a brand new single, Dressed From ’67. Released just over a week ago the track has already picked up a highly successful momentum. We’re here to tell you why you need to get behind the Leith five-piece and get yourself wrapped up in this brand new track…

Starting off with a with a rich bass-line echoing the glorious decade of music that is the sixties, Dressed From ’67 is a refreshing dive into music icons passed. Pulling together iconic styles we all love it is a true dynamic delve into three and half minutes of a dreamlike, relaxed track with added bursts of a heavier energy which gives it enough groove to create an overall hipswaying feel.

With sharp coarse vocals reminiscent of Ray Davies, hazy guitar melodies and a warm-dreamy guitar solo coming in towards the end of the track, Dressed From ’67 pulls together all the neccessary requirements to be a positively-feelgood single with an overlaying psychedelic feel. Dressed From ’67 is perfect for dreaming of those summer days and festivals we’ve all been longing for.

A brilliantly crafted track that is sure to set Ayakara well on their way to being one of 2017’s rising bands. Keep an eye out for future material from these guy’s and show them some love and support.

Give Dressed From ’67 a listen below…


You can catch Ayakara at King Tuts on Wednesday for the FCK Yes club night. A definite must, you’ll be left with regrets otherwise…


Kitt @ Club Decode 2017 ❤



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