Lost in Vancouver Single Premiere

Premiering here exclusively until Friday (24th of February) is Lost in Vancouver’s new single ‘Robyn’.

Following on from the success of earlier release ‘Break’ unveiled only last month, Lost in Vancouver are a prolific bunch and no strangers to capitalising on an already impressive output.

In a similar theme to what is becoming the LiV signature sound ‘Robyn’ begins understated with a slinking bass line wrapped around a persistent kick drum. The mood is stated from the outset – maintaining an unrelenting tension that only lets up to give way to another skyscraping chorus courtesy of author Jake Morgan. This single provides us with one of their most pop-friendly choruses yet which maintains all of its credibility when it’s delivered with such raw sentiment. It’s a track that hooks you in from the start and doesn’t let go for four minutes until it’s made its point which certainly achieves with serious confidence.

‘Robyn’ will be a surefire live favourite when it explores these kind of relatable themes that strike a chord with all of us – very cleverly, the track returns to its original hook that guarantees you’ll be pressing repeat.

‘Robyn’ is out for release on all major streaming and download platforms this coming Friday, don’t miss out!

Catch Lost in Vancouver in Edinburgh with support from the highly successful Lisbon on the 21st of April!

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