Little Comets @ Saint Lukes, Glasgow – 16/02/17 

Yesterday evening Saint Lukes was host to Newcastle quintet Little Comets. Playing in a venue that poses as an old church, they were supported by a spirited performance from Eliza and The Bear. 


Little Comets are a band that like to let their music do the talking. Making it clear the scripted part of the performance is something they shied away from. However, the lack of audience interaction didn’t hinder the performance in the slightest. Opening their set with Little Opus to an animated crowd, they flowed from one charming song to the next. The artistic and creative of aspect of each song displayed on stage. Little Comets take pride in taking great care over their art. The band’s personalities shone through as the showcased their incredible talent.  New song Common Things was welcomed well and created even more anticipation for their album Worhead, due for release on the 10th March. Little Comets put on an almost mesmerising live show, their love for playing music live is clear and you can feel it in every note.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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