Club Decode Meet Amber Run

Ahead of their headline show at Glasgow’s QMU tomorrow evening (17/02/17), we spoke to Nottingham 4 piece Amber Run! Read below as we talk For A Moment, I Was Lost, their UK tour and playing in a venue with an uncomfortable past.


You have recently released your second album, “For A Moment, I was Lost.” How do you feel about the reception it has received so far?

Really good. There’s been a lot of kind words from everyone. To be honest I wouldn’t say we were particularly apprehensive either – we genuinely believe in this album and think it is a real step forward for us.

What was the writing process for the album? What is the story behind it?

We had our own personal issues over the last couple of years due to difficulties with the industry and with our label, not to mention our drummer leaving. Very early on we agreed on creating a ‘concept album’ in a way – not full blown prog-Greek-myth ‘concept’… more basing it around this idea of isolation. We felt isolated in an industry where there’s a lot of cliques, and have felt isolated as individuals. The fact that we wrote it over a single year long period helps the whole thing to feel cohesive as a story.

Did you feel any pressure when writing this album because of the success of your debut 5AM?

Well, no because we don’t view 5am as a success. It was a privilege to be able to record and release a debut album on a major label, but the process of releasing it became incredibly demoralising and, while it charted in the top 40, for wrong or right we had been led to expect a much higher charting position. Saying that, we can see on the road how much those songs mean to people, which is the only success we really need. But there was no pressure – the only pressure was pressure we put on ourselves to create an album we were proud of.

Amber Run are in the middle of UK tour at the moment! How has it been so far? Any standout moments? 

Headlining Rock City was a real stand out moment, but what’s been great is that we’ve had such a good response at every other show so far. Because the Nottingham show was a bit bigger than the others, I think we probably expected to be a bit disappointed with the shows after it but that hasn’t been the case at all.

What can we expect from Amber Run in the next 6 months?

More touring!

Quickfire round! If you could have written any song ever which one would it be?

A Day In The Life by The Beatles

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

Night Changes by One Direction

What was the first gig you ever went to? 

Bullet For My Valentine at Hammersmith Apollo…

What is your most embarrassing moment on stage?

I fell walking onstage once in Manchester!

What is the weirdest or most interesting venue you have ever played in?

I can’t think of any that were weird, but we did play a room in Colston Hall in Bristol that, apparently, was where slaves were sold back in the day. That was a little bit uncomfortable.

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