The Night Café – Strange Clothes 

The Night Cafe are a band that are already causing quite the stir. Ahead of their tour with Sundara Karma, the Liverpool indie quartet have dropped their new track, Strange Clothes.  The single is taken from their debut EP which we will hopefully be hearing very soon! 


We’ve become used to The Night Cafe’s light indie sound. Tunes such as Addicted, Time and You Change With The Seasons all provide a laid back, summery vibe. Even those more upbeat tracks with angry undertones seemed relaxed. With Strange Clothes, the band appear to have taken a different path. A song which is loud and fast paced from the get go. Beginning the song boldly with a drum solo, which is almost instantly taken over by a guitar fuelled dauntless intro. Everything about this song is swift, from the drums to the guitars to the words. The very prominent feature of vocals and lyrics have taken a back seat in this song to let the instrumental do the talking. The appearance of vocals can seem rare when listening to Strange Clothes on repeat, they become lost in this paced and movement provoking piece. You’ve never truly been able to dance to one of The Night Cafe’s songs till now.

It must be said that Strange Clothes has been a pleasant unsuspecting surprise. More of the same was to be expected and the band have hit back with versatility. The Night Cafe have proved once again that they’re more than capable of taking their music to the next level. Listen to Strange Clothes below.


Catch The Night Cafe on tour with Sundara Karma in the coming weeks as well as their headline tour in May!


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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