Club Decode Meet Sundara Karma


We caught up with Sundara Karma in the middle of their tour with Two Door Cinema Club before their second consecutive Glasgow show! Give it a read below as we talk Festivals, their headline tour and 2017 TV Shows to get excited about…

 Hi Guys!

So you’re midway through a sold out tour with Two Door Cinema Club, how’s it been so far?

Oscar: Its been pretty good yeah, each shows been consistent. Each show we’ve had mosh pits for…

Dom: Yeah there was a circle pit last night!

Oscar: We’ve had a good number of people that have known our songs at each show which is always fun. We’ve done a lot of supports where it’s people just standing watching and not getting involved. So this has been wicked so far!

Dom: Fo Sho

Oscar: Fo Sho!


What’s been a standout moment/city from the tour? 

Dom: Manchester was pretty cool! I know we’ve got the big ones still to come like Alexandra Palace

Oscar: Glasgow too! We’ve never played a venue like this either, it’s quite old school. We’ve heard that it was originally a ballroom so I quite like this venue, it’s quite open. It feels like a good space…

Your debut album Youth is only ever fun in retrospect came out on January 6th and has had a phenomenal response. How are you guys feeling about the reception it’s received?

Oscar: Yeah really happy with it… there has been a lot of positive responses to it, obviously as well there have been negative ones and you do end up focusing on the negative ones rather than the positive ones but I don’t know. I mean personally I’m quite detached from that, I’ve got an idea of what I think the record is and I don’t really look into what other people think of it. Obviously it’s nice to hear that people are enjoying our record though… 

Whats been a surreal moment for you with it all in regards to the month following it’s release? We’ve seen that you’ve been on Radio 1 Live Lounge etc… 

Oscar: Yeah that was pretty cool!

Dom: I don’t know what do you reckon… America?

Ally: Yeah we’re doing stuff that we wouldn’t be doing without the record being out…

Haydn: Yeah America was fun!

Oscar: We were in Las Vegas which was wicked and we went to Joshua Tree while we were in America and that was pretty cool and those are the experiences that I think we wouldn’t be having if we weren’t a band. This punk band…

Haydn: Yeah mainly punk!


Your album has been described as being a polished collection of hits, each track could in its own right be a single. Is that something you were aiming for, how do you capture that during the writing process?

Oscar: Yeah a good punk song! *Laughs* Yeah not really man… I don’t even think they are hits, they are just pop songs. I guess they are just a collection of the catchiest throwaway songs we have just now. At least get that out the way with the first record and start the actual process with the second one!

The last track you released before the album dropped was ‘Happy Family’, where did the inspiration come from with that track? 

Oscar: I guess melancholia and uhm consumer discomfort and like sort of a hum drum life in suburbia I guess… Those are like the main inspirations for it!

Your headline UK tour kicks off February 12th and is already pretty much sold out, what can fans anticipate from the tour? 

Oscar: Sparkles!

Dom: Glitter!

Haydn: Definitely sparkles…

Oscar: Yeah maybe glitter but definitely balloons and confetti!

Will this be your only tour of the UK this year?

Oscar: I think it’s going to be the last shows ever…


Oscar: Uhm I don’t think, actually I’m certain that it won’t be our last UK shows this year! I think there will be a tour later on in the year…

You’re back for your second year in a row at 110 above, how would you say playing smaller scale festivals compares to going and playing a festival on the scale of reading and Leeds?

Oscar: Its a bit shit isn’t it!


Oscar: Yeah it’s cool, it’s cool! They’ve always got really chilled out vibes… you can go around and actually see the people that have come to the festival, actually talk to them. The last time we were at 110 Above we were chilling out in the festival grounds, like it wasn’t too intense we could actually go out and talk to people.

Ally: There’s not as much pressure I suppose!

Oscar: Definitely not as much pressure… it’s got a much more family friendly vibe to it. It’s more accepting to whatever kind of weekend you want to have really.

What cans fans get excited for this year?

Dom: Ally’s getting a nipple piercing!

Ally: No I’m not!

Oscar: A new series of Curb Your Entusiam that’s what fans can get excited about…

Ally: A new series of Stranger Things

Oscar: Is that this year!

Haydn: Is Game Of Thrones this year?

Ally: Yeah Game Of Thrones too


Dom: Peaky Blinders as well

Ally: No one cares about Peaky Blinders

Dom: Oh do one!

Ooooooooooh *Laughter*

Dom: There’s going to be a fallout tonight!

So TV is what everyone can look forward to?!

Oscar: Yes!

Well thanks guys!

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