Club Decode Meet The Vistas


We caught up with Johnny, lead singer of The Vistas ahead of their sold out show at Audio, Glasgow! Give it a read below as we talk all things The Vistas…

What made you want to pursue a career in music? How did The Vistas come to be? 

Basically it’s just been a passion for all of us our whole lives and we were at school together and we went to one of our pals gigs and they’d sold out King Tuts. We had the we want to do that feeling… So we got instruments together and wanted to try it and that was how The Vistas started… 
Your last release was ‘Been Here Before’ how do you feel about the reception it received overall? 
I think it was good for what it was! It definitely wasn’t perfectly mixed or perfectly recorded, it was in our mates room that we recorded it… so the reception that it got for what is is was good. There was no music video for it or anything
What can people anticipate from your debut EP ‘The Last Train’?
They can expect sort of a variety of all The Vistas stuff from the very beginning. The name ‘Last Train’ was the name of our very first song so we just thought for everybody that’s been here from the start we’d just name it that. 
What was the writing process behind your EP? 
Basically I just sat in my room and wrote the tunes! Then I took it to the lads in the studio, I laid down an acoustic track first and then we all put it together. So I kind of drew the initial picture and then we all got together and painted it! 
If there is one, what will be the title track from your EP? 
Question because there is a music video for that coming out on the 15th of February…
What was the inspiration for that track? 
It’s about being betrayed by your mate involving a girl and how everything sort of happens with that…
What was a standout moment for The Vistas in 2016? 
The standout moment for us was getting to go on a UK tour and we sold out Classic Grand and that was great! 
What can people look forward to from The Vistas in the next six months? 
People can look forward to a two week UK tour, that will be in June. The EP as well and a couple of music videos with that too… 
The first gig you ever went to? 
Take That with my mum! 

I’ve only really been to three proper gigs though, the other two were The Hunna and Catfish and the Bottlemen

Your musical guilty pleasure? 


That’s not that guilty though!

It’s guilty for me trust me 

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Live Forever by Oasis 

If you have one, an embarrassing moment on stage? 

We had just come back from Newcastle and I hadn’t realised but my guitar was up high while we were playing and I had a massive rip in my jeans and everyone could see me boxers so that was pretty embarrassing… 

Well Thank you! 

Give their track ‘Been Here Before’ a listen Below…. 

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