Bad Sounds – Meat On My Bones

When it comes to songwriting, Bad Sounds are a band that seem to stray from the common rules. Each of their songs stand out individually, each has it’s own personality and even genre. However they do all share some common ground and sound.  Their brand new song Meat On My Bones brings us another genre and yet another unusual take on pop music.


Meat On My Bones holds the lovable Bad Sounds traits, “Napoleon Dynamite” synths, high flying backing vocals, homemade samples and lyrical confusion. The melodies and vocal tones parallel the vibrant and busy instrumental, despite this parallel it all fits together comfortably and produces a feel good pop song. Finding the meaning behind the lyrics is proving difficult. This fact almost doesn’t matter, the lyrics are complete brilliance. This track is ablaze with hip hop influence and musical wonder. Meat on My Bones showcases exactly why Bad Sounds are one of the most exciting new and upcoming acts. I personally can’t wait to see what levels that can take their interesting sound to. Listen to Meat On My Bones below.


Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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