Club Decode Meet Acrylic


We caught up with Ross and Andreas ahead of their sold out Hug and Pint show! Read below as we talk their new single ‘Coast’, Standout Moments and what’s ahead of them…

Hi Guy’s!

What made you guys get in to music? How did Acrylic come to be? 

Ross: Three of us were at school together in Edinburgh, me , Andreas and Ruairidh the drummer and yeah we just started playing covers and stuff. We were unbelievably terrible for a really long time!

Andreas: I used to play rhythm guitar, Ross played lead, Ruairidh was the drummer and then we had a series of bassists, that dropped out

Ross: Yeah so we would play covers and stuff and we didn’t take it seriously, we did one or two gigs with our friends. We came to uni and met jack and Lewis, then we started writing songs properly and I don’t know it just sort of built from there. Now were taking it seriously and working towards different things but we’ve always been called Acrylic, even when we were doing funny little covers. I think that’s what’s nice about it though, kinda growing with that name and noticing what we should do, backing out totally and coming back with a different approach and trying to market ourselves…

So ‘Coast’ is your first single in about six months, what was the writing process for it, where did you draw the inspiration for that single?

Andreas: We wrote that years ago, it’s one of our oldest songs. We wrote it in Greece, in Corfu where my family are from. We all, apart from Lewis, went there on a holiday. The song started off as an instrumental which we released on a really funny EP which we don’t talk about and then yeah we were in Greece, sitting on the balcony and we decided to make it a proper song because we loved the instrumental and it’s just about kind of being there and doing nothing with your day and just lazing around.

Ross: It was the first song we both wrote together and we started if off from there. The thing is it’s nice because this song has been in so many different forms like that’s been the one song that’s been with us since we started in whatever format. I think that now we’ve kind of settled it was definitely time to record it 

How do you feel about the initial reception that ‘Coast’ has received? 

Ross: Better than I thought it would be definitely! It’s gone really well

Andreas: Especially with this gig selling out, there’s been a lot of hype

Ross: I think it’s gone better than anything else we’ve done. The first couple of days are the most important with a release because that’s when you find out what people actually think of it, their initial reaction. It’s a song to get excited about like almost if our music is very subtle and this is very different, very quick and hard hitting. Yeah it’s going really well and people have put up some lovely reviews and they have seemed to really capture what the song is about! It’s a weird song, it doesn’t have a verse or a chorus or a normal song structure really… it just builds and builds 

Andreas: it’s got the same words over and over, yeah we sat with Paul Savage who produced it he helped us structure it better as it was a lot shorter before and then I asked him if he thought we should write another verse because we were just saying the same one over and over but he said no it’s great, it’s kinda hypnotic… so we stuck with it! 

What’s ahead of Acrylic in the next six months?  
Andreas: Just more gigs really…

Ross: I think we’ve done a lot in Edinburgh and Glasgow now… We got up to Inverness for a gig and it went really well and it made us think how great it was so I don’t know why we just then stuck to Edinburgh and Glasgow again so we definitely need to look at that again, we need to spread ourselves out. London was amazing we got to do a festival there and then again it was great but we didn’t go back. I think definitely between us we need to get more shows booked and get as many gigs as we can. We’d be stupid not too! 


 The first gig you ever went to? 

Ross: The Courteeners 

Andreas: I think mine was the Arctic Monkeys in Glasgow 

Describe Acrylic in three words? 

Ross: you described us better in three words than we could… we read your review and we were like that’s much better than what we say about ourselves.

Dreamy Atmoshperic Bliss 

Ross: We just stole part of yours and answered our quickfire with it!

The worst gift you’ve ever given or received? 

Ross: Last Christmas I waited till Christmas Eve to get my brothers Christmas present and thought I was really saving the day by getting him an iPhone projector and it really didn’t work. I knew it didn’t work when I bought it but there was one day to go… on the day he was like thanks so much! I was like yeah how great is that!… knowing full well that it didn’t work

Andreas: Ross used to do Psychology at uni and it was the day of his eighteenth birthday so I got him a book on Psychology knowing that it was just going to sit at the bottom of a drawer somewhere but I thought fuck it, I can’t show up empty handed!

If you have one what’s your most embarrassing moment on stage? 

Ross: Aw fuck there’s so many!

Andreas: Its got to be something that one of us has said 

Ross: Yeah we’ve said some terrible things… 

Andreas: I mean I’ve hit my head off yours or jacks guitar 

Ross: Last time we played Hug and Pint I almost fell into the crowd, not like being cool and stage diving or anything. I just lost balance. My friend was standing in the front and just kind of pushed me back, it couldn’t have looked less cool I don’t think…

Andreas: Aww I’ve got mine, I tried to get the crowd to clap along and I started clapping out of time 


Ross: Yeah and it got caught on video

Andreas: We still play it back now, they’ll never let me forget! 

Well Thanks Guys!!




























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