Club Decode Meet Noah Noah


We caught up with Noah Noah ahead of their show supporting The LaFontaines at QMU, Glasgow! Read below as we talk New Singles, Musical Guilty Pleasures and Local Music Scenes!

Hi Guys!

What made you want to pursue a career in music? How did Noah Noah come to be? 

Matt: I’ve always been interested in music it’s kind of a universal language… ugh that was really bad

Fraser:From a really sort of young age I’ve always been interested in music and always really enjoyed music. I walked into my uncles living room and he was having a jam with all his pals and I was about three years old at the time, it was one of my first memories and I just remember finding it really cool and really really fun. So since then I’ve just kinda been mucking around within music and I went to high school with this guy and we started playing in bands and it was a really fun way to not face up to the real world and play gigs and stuff like that. So that’s how I got into music…

Neil: I don’t know I’ve just been the same really. Been interested in music since I was really young and I used to sing along to Cher, Abba and all the greats! Uhm yeah just picked up an instrument when I was about eight or nine and just started playing. Then me and Fraser met acting, when we used to pretend to be actors, yeah just kept in touch since then and he let me know that he was starting this band and I got involved

Matt: I met Fraser when he was running an acoustic evening through in Edinburgh and I started playing at one of his nights and then we got to know each other and worked out that we musically worked really well together and so about a year ago Fraser asked me if I wanted to get involved in a project he was working on writing original material. So obviously I just jumped on board and that’s basically us!

Rowan: Ugh yeah just a creative thing, I wasn’t really good at other creative things. I was into kinda science and maths and stuff so it was kinda an outlook to push my creativity. Yeah that was basically it for me just enjoyed experimenting with different things

You’ve played a Tut’s New Year show and you’re supporting The LaFontaines tonight and that’s just in the past week. What’s been a standout moment from this year for you guy’s as a band? 

Neil: For me, our end of year show at The Mash House in Edinburgh, we put on a big headline show and it was just great.

Matt: Yeah it was our best gig of the year but we’ve done so many fun things. It’s our first year as a band so like everything has been good and it’s just kinda got better and better

Fraser: Yeah after being a band, as like Noah Noah for a week we went on a UK tour as well which we played to like eight people at each show but y’know it made us feel like rockstars. All the in-between parts

Matt: We were chatting on the way over here about how it’s a lot of work in the build up to it but like as soon as you get in the van you’re hit with this is so cool that this is happening. We’re having so much fun driving round the country like playing our live music to people

Fraser: I guess like the other highlights would be supporting Idlewild, that was pretty cool. Playing King Tuts for the first time as Noah Noah that was great

Matt: It was great to be invited back as well! We must have done something okay

Back in December you released the video for your single ‘The Lie’, How do you feel about the reception the release received as a whole? 

Rowan: Uhm yeah I don’t think we made it a big thing, it was sort of like here’s the video lets move on to the next chapter sort of thing. So it wasn’t like a big release for us, yeah I think because people had already heard ‘The Lie’ before, they were already familiar with it. I think it was a good sort of grounding to move forward on…

You guy’s are from Edinburgh, what’s your opinion on the Edinburgh Music Scene as a whole?

Fraser: Banging!


Fraser: It’s very different to the Glasgow music scene, so some people make their living playing covers in Edinburgh and that’s obviously a different sort of scene as such and I’m sure that scene is just as jumping in Glasgow but in terms of like playing original music it’s a lot harder to get people out to shows. It’s really cool, we’ve been through to quite a few of the King Tuts New Years Revolution things and we’ve been going to a lot of gigs in Glasgow, like the amount of people that go out to check out bands playing their own songs its really interesting. I’m not in any way slating the Edinburgh music scene but it’s definitely a different emphasis with what shows people are going to. Although the Edinburgh music scene is undoubtedly a lot smaller but I think it’s just as strong within that small core. So you get a lot of people that are super into their music as well, you see the same faces popping up at gigs across all genres, with so many different types of gigs so that’s nice as well . I guess you get the same thing across in Glasgow too, we don’t really know the Glasgow music scene as well as the Edinburgh one…

There is a huge amount of up and coming talent within Scotland just now, who are some of your favourite acts just now? 

Fraser: Obviously Fatherson definitely, but we played with Model Aeroplanes a few months ago and they are really cool, really fun to play with. A few bands from Edinburgh, uhm Mt Doubt which you guys are checking out later. Rebel Westerns, Indigo Velvet. The LaFontaines who we’re playing here with tonight, they are great live!

And finally what’s ahead of Noah Noah within the next six months? 

Fraser: So we have a single coming out in March and that will be part one, so we’re doing a two part release. With the second one being due out sort of end of May – early June time. So that will be with each single release, a video will come out sort of one half of our little movie thing that we’re going to be making, so that’s the immediate plan. Then yeah some music festival but we’re going to have a big single launch party as well for the first single in March. That will be March 24th and 25th….


The first gig you ever went to?

You’re allowed short expansions only please 

Matt: I went to Paolo Nutini a number of years ago in Edinburgh

Fraser: Great short expansion there!

Matt: Yeah that was my short expansion!


Fraser: Yeah I think I went to see Alabama 3 with my dad

Rowan: Ugh my first gig was, I went to see this Ska band called The Big Hand in my home town

Neil: KT Tunstall at the SECC


Neil: She was fantastic!

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Matt: Uhm I’m a big fan of Billy Joel and a massive fan of the song ‘She’s Always A Woman’ so I would have loved to have written that song!


Rowan: I grew up like listening to a lot of Queen so there’s a lot of Queen song’s where I’m like that’s good musically. So if I could have written a song it would be a Queen song

Neil: I don’t know uhm I like a lot of weird but when I say weird I don’t mean weird I just mean mainstream music

Fraser: Mine is anything off of Tapestry by Carol King, that’s like the first record that I ever remember listening to and the songs are really nice. That’s basically all I’ve got! Beautiful melodies

Matt: Nice expansion!

Lovely short expansion!

Fraser: I try!

Matt: (To Rowan) What Queen song? Just the greatest hits?

Rowan: No, no not something conventional, well none of it’s conventional but like you’d think straight to Bohemian Rhapsody or something but not anything like that. One of the more unknown ones probably. One Vision –  I love that song, a straight up powerful rock song.

Neil: Uhm Gaslight Anthem – MAE

Your musical guilty pleasure?

Matt: I’ve always been a fan of Robbie Williams, he’s a good entertainer not great at singing


Matt: But I like him!

Fraser: Katy Perry!


Matt: Yeah she’s good

Fraser: She’s a beast!

Matt: That song Roar is amazing

Rowan: I was totally gonna say Katy Perry as well. Uhm I quite like Taylor Swift

Neil: Aw! I was gonna say that… I’m going to have to go with Justin Bieber. The newer stuff is phenomenal

Thank You Guy’s!

Check out Noah Noah’s video for ‘The Lie’ below… ❤


Thanks for reading!

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