Lost In Vancouver – Break – Single Review


Lost In Vancouver release their new track ‘Break’! Give our review a read below….

Starting with a thrashing upbeat guitar riff that sets up the track for just short of four minutes of pure indie-rock bliss. This feelgood track gives us relatable lyrics that draw you in, as its a situation many people will have in common with the song, further giving it depth. This coupled with a lively melody leave you with an uncontrollable need to hit the replay button.

Building continuously through each verse the single is energetic and ever more highly empathetic as the track continues.  We’re met with a heavier drop towards the end leaving you with a need to move your feet before it comes back in with a rough riff that will give the track a vibrant dynamic when performed live. ‘Break’ finishes on a high with the chorus coming back, along with heavy percussion and a summery melody, perfect for getting you set up for summer and festival season.

Get ‘Break’ streamed and downloaded and make sure you get behind Lost In Vancouver, they’ve got a lot ahead of them and you’d have regrets otherwise…

Give  ‘Break’ a listen below…

Thanks for reading guy’s

Kitt ❤

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