Club Decode Meet Fabric Bear


We caught up with Fabric Bear ahead of their set at King Tut’s as part of the New Years Revolution. Give it a read below as we talk 2016 highlights, new material and first gig’s!


Hi Guys!

We know you’re a fairly new band so if you want to give us a bit about yourselves?

Ryan: Well me and Charlie started this band sort of from the ashes of another band that didn’t really work out. We tried a couple of different genres which didn’t really work out. So we eventually found Matt who turned out to live just down the road from us but we’d never met him before. So yeah we released our single a couple of months ago and since then we’ve been giging as much as possible since and we’re taking a wee bit of time after this to sit down and write and record. Then just like coming  back in full force early spring/summer. Not too sure yet, have you got anything to add guy’s?…

Matt: Yeah I’d say that one of my main influences are bands such as Royal Blood and when I came and met these guy’s, it was fantastic obviously Ryan just said that he lived just up the road from me and this band is something I’ve always to play in and it was just up the road which was good and since then it’s been great just giging and that. Uhm and like Ryan said we’re gonna take some time out to write a couple of new tunes and then come back with them!

How are you feeling about the reception that your single ‘Where Are You Now?’ has received?

Ryan: It was really good yeah cause like a lot of people have been messaging us on Facebook and social media saying they love it and a lot of musicians around Glasgow and Edinburgh that we know messaged us saying they loved it as well which was really nice. We’ve seen a lot more people coming to our shows since we released it, we definitely feel like the single was a good move releasing that single in that context and at that time.

Matt: We did it quite quickly as well, like I’d not been in the band that long and then we released it. The guy’s had the song for a while and it’s a good song. We went into the studio for two days and recorded it and the reception was really great, I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word about it and from that we can see that it’s been received really well.

Ryan: It sounds really good live as well, it’s really fun to play as well that’s the best bit!

What’s been a standout moment from your time as a band? 

Ryan: It would either be our Tut’s show from November because we’ve not played our show tonight yet and we don’t know how it’s going to go. It’s probably finding out that we were getting asked back to play Tut’s again and we were really excited or like back in October we played Sneaky Pete’s, I think it must have been our like second show with the three of us and we absolutely tore the roof off the place, everyone was bouncing it was a really good gig. So yeah either Sneaky Pete’s or getting asked back to Tut’s again…

So you’ve touched on how you’re going to record, what else can people expect from you guy’s in the next sixth months?

Ryan: Well unlike the first release we’re looking at putting more time and effort into this second one because there is obviously a lot more pressure on this one. We’re looking at getting visuals to go along with it as well, like videos and cool artwork and things like that…

Matt: Yeah we’re looking at bringing a lot more people in on this release, we’re eve thinking of moving forward with some form of management. We think that would be good to take us forward.

Ryan: The definite like light at the end of the tunnel for us is a UK Headline, we’re wanting to do one around May/June time. So we’re looking forward to that!

Matt: I think we’re wanting to be playing with a couple of bigger acts as support and maybe get out of Edinburgh a wee bit too. You can definitely expect these things from us but first we’ll be taking a short break to give us time to write and record new material!


First gig you ever went to?

Ryan: Razorlight at MeadowBank Stadium

Matt: I went to see Michael Buble at the Playhouse in Edinburgh


Matt: It was the best thing I’ve ever seen I love that man!

Charlie: I think mine was WolfMother at the HMV Picture House

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be?

Ryan: Cornerstone by Arctic Monkey’s

Matt: Knights of Cydonia by  Muse

Charlie:  Uhm…

Ryan:  Nine To Five – Dolly Parton


Charlie: Mayonaise – Smashing Pumpkins

Describe Fabric Bear in three words?

Ryan: Fuzz Fuelled Riffage

Matt: Fuzzy Aggressive Alive

Charlie: Fuzz Times Three

Favourite gig/festival experience?

Ryan: Can I have two? Nah I’ll just go with this one. I went on holiday to Florida and without knowing the Arctic Monkey’s were playing right next door like the night I landed and it wasn’t even planned or anything. The best gig I’ve been to!

Matt: I went to see Architects at the O2 ABC  not too long ago and that was the most surreal experience I’ve had!

Charlie: I saw Garry Newman recently and I wouldn’t say it’s my best gig ever but it’s definitely the best gig I’ve been to recently!

Thanks Guys!


































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