Blaenavon – Orthodox Man 

Presenting their first single off their debut album That’s Your Lot, due for release on the 7th April is acclaimed 3 piece Blaenavon. Amongst the band’s announcements of a headline tour and of course an album, they announced their latest single Orthodox Man. 


For some, Orthodox Mam holds quite the unlikely surprise. Ominous lyrics, mellow verses and choruses and a ferocious bridge or finish was to be expected. However, Blaenavon have strayed from those expectations. There is a lovely proposal within the lyrics of the song but the proposal is portrayed  with seemingly dark and metaphoric words. The chorus provides the listener with an uplifting feeling and harmonies intertwine throughout the song adding an underlying happiness.  The song itself is a crescendo of dancing guitars and pulsing drums.  Orthodox Man is an addictive, mood changing song and a perfect first single from Blaenavon’s debut. The excitement for whats to come from this band cannot be described.

Catch Blaenavon on tour with Sundara Karma next month and also on their headline tour in April.

Lauren Patterson @ Club Decode 2017

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