Sundara Karma – Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

Sundara Karma’s Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect is a debut album we feel we have waited quite sometime for. The Reading 4 piece have created an incredible amount of traction in the past year, meaning the excitement for their debut has been unfathomable. Thankfully, it’s now an album we can finally explore.


Among the new and unknown of Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect, lies songs we have heard before. A Young Understanding and Flame grabbed out attention almost a year ago now. Both songs add a sense of ferocity and angst to the debut. Also Vivienne, which was first heard many moons ago now. They follow a different melodic tone to the album’s lead singles Loveblood and She Said. The singles are both a definite high point in the band’s works, both songs flow with ease and present a much softer sound than those released before. Throughout the album you can hear Sundara Karma’s progression as songwriters, going from a band finding their feet to a sudden burst of sound to a found sense of melody and flow. With lyrics and stories told in a way beyond their years, it’s hard to believe the quartets youth and that their careers have still yet to truly begin.

New pieces include Lose the Feeling. It’s not a piece that will grab your attention from the beginning but it’s not just a filler. Acoustically driven with a sweet sound but the stories told within the piece are something much darker. The appreciation for the song is within the contrast.  Be Nobody is a strong and uplifting composition. The song is mesmerising and easily could be an anthem. Watching From Great Heights has an addictive chorus and you’ll want nothing more than to listen to it again and again Other new pieces include Deep Relief and The Night. Each of them different and each have their own personality.

Many sounds have been experimented with and the diversity of the musical journey makes this debut an enchanting listen.  No two songs are the same, no song is boring. Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect wasn’t predictable and will only disappoint those who thought they could predict where Sundara Karma will go next.

Listen to the album below.


Club Decode 2017

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