Club Decode Redolent Review & Interview 

We caught up with Robin from Redolent ahead of their show at King Tuts on Friday. Give the feature a read below as we talk Redolents meaning, their insane list of projects to come, T Break and much more!

Redolent provided a psychedelic infectious delve into the realms of instrument experimentation. With sweet sounding melodies, complicatedly yet neatly wrapping around one another to build into a full band ensemble that leaves you in awe of their sheer talent as musicians. With mellow, soft vocals floating out across a crowd lost in the depths of their hipswaying, breezy sounding tracks…  Definitely a band to watch out for in 2017.


Hi! I’m Robin from Redolent, we’re playing tonight in King Tuts and we’re going to play some new stuff tonight that no one is gonna hear for years…

So, Talking about tonight… How are you feeling about being asked to play the T Break Sessions? 

Well yeah it’s basically just a follow on from what’s been our best gig of the year which was actually getting picked for the T Break Stage at T obviously. So just to keep that going is pretty good, we’re all excited by it still.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation of T in the Park then? 

Well I mean I think everyone is more than a bit upset, it’s not cancelled properly though. I’ve heard some stuff and I’m hopeful…

How are you feeling about the reception your recent album release has received? (Redolents full debut album Juvenility is available on all major music platforms now!)

We didn’t push it as much as we ought to have but like saying that , we got more than we expected. We were pretty pleased with it yeah!

So you’ve already mentioned T in the Park, but what have been other standout moments from this year? 

Just finishing that album really, it was like four years and we didn’t have any money so we had to kinda blag our way into it and we got lucky and met someone who was willing to like fund it and that. So it was a really like long and hard procedure, like just getting that over and the relief was amazing and it came out how we wanted it to as well. I think that’s where we get like, most of the reward for us is the projects and finishing the projects. Rather than, like I said we did really push it as much as we could have because I don’t think many of us are into the business side of it.

So off the back of the album, what can people expect from you guy’s in the next six months? 

Uhm well we’ve got so much written and I’ve got it all planned out, kind of. Well we’ve got an EP which most of it is finished but we’ve go an EP that’s ready to record which is completely different to the album. It’s like instrumental mostly and it’s very strange, its more kind of electronic. Uhm and then after that there is a second album which is a bit more like the first one but still slightly different. The there is a whole load of other stuff such as an acoustic EP and then I’ve just started doing the third one.

So you’re busy then!

It’s just a case of the fact that it takes so long to get it realised if you get what I mean, so it’s all been building up since I was like 15.


What’s the first gig you ever went to?

Funeral for a Friend when I was 14 at The Corn Exchange

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be?

I would have so many answers for this but you’ve put me on the spot. I don’t know uhm why am I thinking Blink 182 *Laughter* Ugh All I Need – Radiohead

Describe Redolent in three words? 

Aesthetic, Sentimental, Redolent… because Redolent is actually a word. The thing is with us is that the name explains what’s going on so it  fits in as well.

Following on from that, where does the name come from then? How did you pick it? 

Redolent means lie suggestive of something and it’s kind of got like connotations of smell so I kinda think that it means do you know when you smell like a perfume or like an ex boyfriends aftershave and for a second your like taken back. I think that kind of transfers to songs as well so it’s all about like linking songs with time and places and memories and do you know when you hear something and you get that mass of nostalgia. It’s the name for that so that’s kind of what were trying to do. I just want to write songs that can do that…

Your favourite festival/gig experience? 

Rockness 2009 just because it was the first one ever and I was sixteen. It was like a massive adventure y’know going all the way up to Inverness.

The worst gift you’ve ever given or received? 

I was given a poster of Victor Wanyama the footballer once *Laughter* No context! I’m just leaving it there….

Well Thank You!

Here’s a track from their album ‘Juvenility’ called ‘Banoffee’, give it a listen below…

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