Glass Caves – Do You Have A Name – Review 


Glass Caves recently released an absolutely mind blowing single that everyone needs to make sure they wrap their ears around. Give our review for ‘Do You Have A Name’ a read below…

Hailing from Pontefract, West Yorkshire Glass Caves are a band whose career has gone from strength to strength since their formation back in late 2012. Now with some incredibly successful releases and tours under their belt. The band are back with a killer track titled ‘Do You Have A Name’…

Starting off slow with a simple yet effective melody and prominently catchy drum beat, Matt’s relatable vocals drape over the top adding a huge level of depth to the single. His powerful vocals are a forefront feature, adding an emotionally raw aspect to the track, leaving you intrigued to the meaning behind it and hanging on to every word. Building to the chorus, we are introduced to the bands compelling dynamic as the full band burst in with heavy melodies, a swaying prominent bass-line and formidable harmonisation amongst them, further continuing  to build the power behind this immensely deep song. Dropping to a mellow break in the song, Matt’s vocals become distant drawing you in as the title of the track  ‘Do You Have A Name’ is repeated over the stripped back percussion and bass elements of the single. ‘Do You Have A Name’ is neatly wrapped up into just about three and a half minutes of pure indie-rock goodness. Ending on a more powerful version of the chorus, leaving you in awe when the track finishes.

It’s a catchy track that will leave you hitting replay and if it’s not stuck in your head for day’s then you are seriously doing something wrong. An absolutely solid release from a band who are no strangers to putting out only the best releases. Get your ears wrapped around this insanely spectacular track!

Give the video for ‘Do You Have A Name’ a watch below…

Thanks for reading guy’s,

Kitt ❤

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