Vegan Leather – King Tuts Wah Wah Hut – Live Review


The Vegan Leather blew everyone away with their performance at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on Saturday. Read below to get an idea of the insanity that you missed out on….

The Vegan Leather graced the stage at a packed King Tuts in front of a crowd who were more than ready to get down to the bands indie-pop tunes. They played an absolutely immaculate set which was met by a crowd that went wild for each song the four-piece broke into. With insane dancing, singing and throwing everyone around, the crowd revelled in every second of music the band played. Showing their love and support for one of the best up and coming bands in Scotland at the moment. I’m struggling to write words which justify this bands performance, there are no words to describe the experience and the feeling that you come away with after seeing these guy’s live, it is amazingly insane and one thing that you have to experience to understand what people mean when they say “The Vegan Leather are fucking amazing what do you mean you haven’t seen them”. I would hands down say this was my best gig of this year, The Vegan Leather are a band with a lot to offer, a high energy intense set, that flies by as you get lost in each track and the experience that comes with it.

Give their track ‘Day’s Go By’ a listen below, along with a cheeky watch of the video as well

Thanks for reading guy’s,

Kitt ❤

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