Bruno Mars – 24K Magic – Album Review


We have something a little different this week… A guest review for you guy’s,  So here is Dom from Rebel Westerns review of Bruno Mars’ new album ’24K Magic’. Give it a read below…

First of all, a massive thank you to the lovely girls in Club Decode for very graciously accepting my request (begging) to allow me to go on and on… and on about the latest offering from Bruno Mars titled ’24K Magic’. 

For those of you who do or don’t know me you’ll be aware that as a Pop fan, I talk a lot – and there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this record. Four years of meticulous writing and rewriting preceded by the song every. Single. Human on the planet will be aware of; ‘Uptown Funk’ and essentially Bruno Mars has made ‘Uptown Funk: The Album’ boasting potentially the most concise consolidation of Funk, 90’s R’n’B, Soul and Hip Hop created. At least this year. And holy fuck is it good.

The gauntlet is pretty much thrown down from the outset with the title track boasting the not-so-subtle lyrics ‘they don’t know? I bet they’ll know as soon as we walk in’ – it’s definitely a statement of intent from arguably one of the 21st Century’s finest Pop songwriters. The album travels very quickly (a mere nine songs!) at blistering speed through James Brown Funk, Boys II Men Soul and even a bit of Bell Biv Devoe in ‘Poison’ (See ‘Finesse’) many people write Mars off as a peddler of pastiche. Aping whatever genre he turns his hand to, which is actually pretty commendable when it’s done with such precision and unshakeable confidence. Seriously, try to listen to slow jam ‘Versace on the Floor’ without catching yourself winding and grinding like a pasty white R Kelly. Or is that just me?.. 

All in all, Bruno Mars has at the very least created the most consistent album of his career so far and this is a man who was writing the biggest hits for people like Cee Lo Green before even bothering to put something out under his own name! In three words, the album is seriously. Fucking. Good and I could have summed it up like that to save you the trouble of reading my rambling but if you made it this far, thanks anyway and God help you all when I write the review of whatever follows this album. 

Give the video for the albums lead single ’24K Magic’ a watch below


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