Club Decode Meet Kyko 

We caught up with Kyko ahead of his show with Eliza and the Bear at King Tuts last week. Read below as we talk Biffy Clyro Secret Sets, New Music and the gift giving of olives!



First question is… What made you want to pursue a career in music? 

I, I guess well I studied Music at ACM in Guildford. Yeah, there is loads of musicians there who are all wanting to do their own thing, whether that be songwriting or sessioning. So, yeah I guess that just made me start writing my own music and having loads of session musicians there just made me not want to become a session musician or someone else. So I guess I fell into writing music through not wanting to do that.

You recently released your new single ‘Horizon’, how do you feel about the reception it’s received so far? 

Yeah it’s been really good so far, it’s kinda the first one of the year or like first one in a few months anyway and it’s like a little bit more electronic and a little bit more pop I guess, but it seems to have gone down well. That was sort of a teaser to the coming EP, to trail how different sounds will go down. So yeah, it seems to have gone down well, it definitely goes down the best live which is interesting…

What’s been a standout moment from this year? 

This year, uhm I put out my single ‘Native’ at the beginning of the year and it got Radio 1 track of the week so it got played on like all the daytime Radio shows which was one of the coolest things to happen. We got to play The Big Weekend as well on the BBC Introducing Stage which was really nice as well. So there’s two highlights…

This date falls in the middle of the Eliza and the Bear tour, what are your anticipations for the following dates? 

We have a day off tomorrow which is super exciting…

Are you spending it in Scotland? 

No, unfortunately we have to set off really early to spend the day in Manchester

That’s not too bad I guess… 

Yeah, we’re all really excited because y’know we’ve been there before and we’re looking forward to going back, drinking coffee and then going out on the night to chill. I don’t know like bowling or something. Yeah, Manchester is a date that we’re really looking forward to as well. Uhm and then Brighton as well, that’s gonna be cool because it’s near where we live so we have a lot of friends coming down

How’s the tour been so far? 

Yeah it’s been sick, we’re like four days in I think, but yeah we did London as the second date and I don’t know that was like the biggest show of the tour. Yeah it’s like really good, it’s interesting to see the audience difference, it’s like with London, everyone says it’s really static and people aren’t really into it, uhm and then up North everyone’s like a little bit more into it and it’s true, so it’s cool to see that progression.

So following on from that, do you think that there is a difference between Scottish and English crowds? 

Well we’ve never been to Scotland before, so it will be interesting to see

You’ve never been!?

Yeah I’ve never even been here! Although, being support I think everyone’s a lot calmer and chilled when they see you… Yeah so gradually, we started in Cardiff which was a bit earlier and then onto London which was super reserved and then we were in Newcastle last night and they were a bit looser 

What can fans expect from you in the next six months? 

They can expect, well I’m doing a new single in the new year, I think it’s about February time. So yeah up until then I’m gonna go quiet over Christmas. So yeah the single in February, it’s gonna be the biggest one off the EP so it’s going to have a video, some dates around it. We’ve got one in London…


Ah no! I’m so slow….

First gig you ever went to? 

Ugh, I’m super slow but I think it was Green Day at Milton Keynes SuperBowl

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Probably Toto – Africa

Favourite gig/festival experience? 

The one I can think of is, I was at Glastonbury something like five years ago and Biffy Clyro did a secret set on the Park Stage and I was like 15/16 and it’s the most ridiculous set I’ve ever seen…

The worst gift you’ve ever given or received? 

I’m so bad at giving gifts, like I always forget or something. The worst is probably something I’ve given, actually it was for a girlfriend once, I bought her a jar of olives. That was like the most embarrassing thing, I don’t know why but I thought it was funny. It definitely wasn’t funny but yeah that’s probably the worst gift I’ve given

Describe Kyko in three words? 

People say Tropical, Indie, Pop. It’s kinda cheesy but it works…

Well Thank You! 

Give ‘Horizons’ a listen below…

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