Club Decode Meet Dancing On Tables 

We caught up with Dancing On Tables ahead of their launch night at Electric Circus, Edinburgh. Read below as we talk all things about the EP, highlights of 2016, things to come and more!

So ‘Don’t Stop’ recently got released, how are you feeling about the reception it received? (Minus Memes…)

Robbie: Nah the memes are the best part! Nah its been, I think it’s kinda blown us away, it went so much better than we thought it was going to, the amount of people sharing and liking it and I think were on about 5,000 views now as well on YouTube. So  yeah it’s gone really well, really surprising…

Callum: We’re feeling very blessed!

Robbie: So yeah the amount of shares and likes and 5,000 views, its just so much more love than we expected, which is nice…

So what are your anticipations for when the EP is released? 

Callum: Hmmm I don’t know, I’m quite nervous about it actually but I think it will go really well cause the rest of the EP is that kind of similar vibe apart from one very different track  with strings in it

Gregor: I think that will throw a lot of people though like take a lot of folk by surprise

Callum: It’s quite a surprise, it’s quite different to anything we’ve done before, that’s quite exciting to see how the response is for that

Robbie: Yeah we kinda pushed it, well pushed ourselves with that song, uhm because everything we’ve done so far has been quite sort of indie-pop and this, well it’s still got an essence of that to it but it’s a lot more chillaxed. Don’t use that word please

I’m gonna use that word!

Robbie: It can be my next meme

What’s been a standout moment from this year?

Hamish: We won a music award, The Dunfermline Press Live Music Award. Didn’t expect that…

Robbie: Yeah that was cool. That was a proper awards night, we got all dressed up and got free champagne. I’d say tuts as well, we’re about to do Tut’s for our third time in a couple of weeks. So to have done that at all is pretty cool, but to do it three times is really cool

Callum: Yeah and tonight!

Robbie: Yeah tonight!

What can people expect from the launch tonight? 

Callum: Lot’s of bad dancing

Robbie: Bad dancing, lazers, smoke machine. All three. This was all kinda sprung upon us recently

Callum: People are gonna walk in and be like what the fuck!

Robbie: Yeah where the fuck are we!

What have people got to look forward to in the next six months from you guy’s? 

Robbie: Uhm more music hopefully, we’re already writing new things

Hamish: We’re gonna try and head down south for gigs as well

Robbie: We’re gonna broaden our horizons. I keep saying things like jokingly and it just doesn’t sound right…

I’m gonna put it in as seriously as possible!

Robbie: ‘He said with a very serious face’

Callum: ‘A tear streaming down his cheek’

Callum: Just keep doing what we’re doing but more…

Hamish: Just keep the momentum going

Callum: Just building up the fan base

Robbie: Yeah just letting more people hear our music

Callum: So we don’t have to sit and watch our video like 3,000 times


Robbie: My laptops crashed from it… Most viewed page – Youtube – Dancing On Tables

Hamish: More memes!

Robbie: Yeah more memes, we all want a meme each. That’s the aim of the next six months


What’s the first gig you ever went to? 

Robbie: Uhm T in the Park when I was 11 and I saw Goo Goo Dolls

Callum: Biffy Clyro

Gregor: Miles Kane

Robbie: That’s so unexpected, that’s a much cooler answer than I thought you were gonna give

Gregor: What did you think like the singing kettle or something!


Michael: Kaiser Chiefs was mine

Hamish: Bob Dylan at The Armadillo in Glasgow

That’s annoying those are all really good, usually there is at least one embarrassing one!

Robbie: Well we’re a cool band!

That’s getting put in as well…

Callum: You meme Robbie

If you could have written any song ever which one would it be? 

Robbie: Dream a little dream of me, it’s my favourite song

Callum: Bridge over troubled water by Simon and Garfunkel

Gregor: Dancing in the moonlight – Toploader


Robbie: What

Gregor: Eh that’s a tune and a half

Michael: Hey Jude, The Beatles

Hamish: Little Wing

Robbie: Sorry I thought you said Little Mix

Describe Dancing On Tables in three words? 

Callum: Awww No!

Robbie: We did that like two years ago with someone

Robbie: Funky

Callum: Memey

Hamish: Funky as in a horrible smell?

Robbie: Dance

Hamish: That is not a describing word Robbie, neithers memey

Robbie: Nah its a three word phrase. Funky, memey dancey

Hamish: You’re not writing that, energetic instead of dancey

So I think we have Funky, Memey, Energetic (Dancey)?….

The worst gift you’ve ever given or received? 

Callum: A sudoku cube

Michael: Is that your best?

Callum: Yes, No! Yes of course my best was a sudoku cube…

Hamish: A shower gel set

Robbie: A DVD which was owned for six months and then decided it wasn’t liked

Callum: We gave Doyle for his birthday a few weeks ago, a can of reduced hotdogs


Robbie: Yeah it was his birthday and he was driving and we’re all kinda getting drunk and we were just like here you go Doyle Happy Birthday

Michael: He doesn’t even like hotdogs

Robbie: Naw Michael ended up taking them home

Michael: I love hotdogs!


Robbie: Aww god! See why we mute them

Hamish: I’ve got to say though the best present I’ve ever got is an electric blanket

Your go to alcoholic drink?

Robbie: I’ll go for red wine, just any kind of red wine

Callum: Uhm Crofters, I’ll go with a bottle of Crofters

Gregor: Gin

Michael: Beer, just any type of beer!

Favourite gig/festival experience? 

Robbie: Crowd surfing at Black Keys at Leeds, it was very cool. Only cause I passed out, woke up and I was crowd surfing

Callum: Seeing The Maccabees at the Barrowlands, that was very emotional

Robbie: He said with a tear in his eye!

Michael: Mine would be being at the very very front for Killers at T in the Park

Gregor: Yeah that would be mines as well

Robbie: They do everything together. Doing it together made it special

Hamish: Chili’s at T in the Park this year

Well Thanks Guy’s!

Give their new track ‘Don’t Stop’ a listen below and check out the video while you’re at it! 




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