Clay – Electric Circus – Live Reveiw 

We went along to catch the wonderful Clay at Electric Circus in Edinburgh last night. Give our review a read below… 

Opening with Stay Calm to a more than ready crowd, the venue erupted into some wild dancing and screaming along. Their electronic synth pop goodness spilled out across electric circus, leaving everyone raring for the rest of their set. A band with a clearly dedicated following within Scotland… Following on into the upbeat and dancey why? There was more than a bit of bad singing from ourselves. A solid set from a band clearly set for great things. Onto The Beach with its chill vibes and heavy percussion with just a hint of a funky guitar riff. Saint, the absolute anthem for the situation where you admire someone from afar, that we’ve all learnt to live with. Straight into the feels with Honest, the band brought it down a notch to a more chilled song which was met with the same reception from the crowd who loved every minute of it, singing along to the hella relatable lyrics. Featuring sweet chilli crisps and all… Breaking into Club Decodes personal favourite, Nothing Happened, the crowd got down to its catchy, feelgood melody, mellowed effect vocals and powerfully performanced chorus. Six AM was met with a more than warm response, the bands new single has all them chill city vibes with a hipswaying synth melody, then breaking into a full band performance of a dancey track that you can move your feet to. Definitely their best track of 2016. Finishing with Sundance, the crowd were left lost and wanting more from the Leeds four piece. 
Give Six AM a listen Below ❤

Thanks for reading guys, 

Kitt ❤ 

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